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Brust Funeral Home located at 135 S. Main Street, opened in Lombard in 1952. Jack Brust followed the steps of his father Fred, who had worked in a funeral home in Maywood in 1915, started his own funeral home in a historic 1850’s farmhouse he remodeled in downtown Lombard.

According to John Brandon Brust, president and CEO of Brust Funeral Home Ltd., his Dad had actually started the Lombard home against his father’s advice. Even though our family had lived in the Lilac Town for generations, his grandfather felt that this was too far out in the country for a second funeral home to survive.

However, two years later his grandfather left the funeral home in Maywood where he had worked and Grandfather and Grandmother Eileen, joined in with his parents, Jack and Anita, to run the Lombard home,” added John Brust. Anita’s family had roots in York Center since the 1840’s. Her mother’s family name was Deicke. The same German name used for the Lombard Deicke Home for the Retarded.

Jack Brust immediately threw himself into building up the town where his ancestors had homesteaded. He founded the Lombard Chamber of Commerce and in the 1950’s he resurrected the Lilac Parade. In addition, he served as president of the Lombard Friends of the Library and was a member of the Board of Governors of Elmhurst Hospital. Jack Brust was a founder of the DuPage Funeral Directors Association and was a member and past president of the Lombard Rotary Club. Moreover, he was a member of the Lombard Lions Club and received an award from the FAA for his work on a large commercial airliner crash in Westmont in 1960. Jack Brust was also Grand Marshall of the Lilac Parade twice.

In addition, Jack continued to build his business. The core of that original farmhouse is still contained within the walls of the Brust Funeral Home. In 1958 Jack added on to the old house and 10 years later he gave the building its current brick façade.

John Brandon Brust joined his father in the business during 1978 and in 1990 he purchased Jack’s interest in the Lombard funeral home. Another son, Jim, had founded his own funeral home with Jack in Carol Stream during 1985.

In 1995 John purchased an existing funeral home in Villa Park that he still operates. Then, in 2011, he remodeled the Lombard home, updating the 10,000-square-foot facility that now employs seven full-time and 12 part-time people.–xyJI4sQ

Courtesy: GHung’s Blog, WordPress.

Courtesy: GHung’s Blog, WordPress.

All my Athletic Gym Shoes have been attacked by a Psycho who Damages the Left Foot Shoe Rim and Slices my Athletic Gym Shoe with a Sharp Device. The New Athletic Gym Shoes suffer from the Attack by a Psycho Maniac who persecutes me and tracks down my Shoes and Steals Them, even when they are in storage or in a room safe from outsiders. Psycho usually gets household room keys and trespasses private spaces to damage my Athletic Gym Shoes and personal clothing.

The first time Psycho attacked my Athletic Gym Shoes I was staying on St. Charles Road in Villa Park, DuPage County, Illinois USA. My new White Athletic Gym Shoes had a Blue Trim and Rhinestones. Well, Psycho Sliced my White Gym Shoes with A Blade while I was working at the Deicke Home for the Retarded preparing Lunch for the residents in Lombard.

Psycho Maniac also Steals My Clothes and Business Computer Equipment Allowed by Keith Steiskal and Lombard Police Marilyn Gabinski, while DuPage County 18th Judicial Circuit Court and Cook County Circuit Court do not contact me as an Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes in the Village of Lombard, in care of Gardenia C. Hung, Post Office Box 1274, Lombard Illinois 60148-8274 USA.

The motorcycle mechanic JonJon at Champion Cycle Center Inc. also damaged my motorcycle Derbi 2003 Boulevard 150 CC, after I paid Julio Aquino and manager Larry Wolf, who knows that the Service Manager José Rivera was found guilty by the City of Chicago for Consumer Service Fraud. Even Northlake lawyer Bob Gornik at the Law Firm of David, Berns and Associates was fined in contempt of court for obstruction of justice.

My Lombard historic brick bungalow was also damaged and ruined by Lombard Real Estate Hate Crimes arranged for Criminal Disaster Roofing Water Damages and Losses at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard after RE/MAX Realtor Kathy Volpe sold Mrs. Stebens’ (Ahrens) Lombard home for the neighbor adjacent to my Lombard backyard and garden.

For Your Information and Intervention. IMPORTANT! URGENT!

My Father’s God-Daughter Olivia was born on his birthday in June, so his eldest brother and sister-in-law Silvia wanted him to be the Godfather for the christening and baptism of his niece Olivia in 1948 while the family was living in Santiago de Cuba, Oriente, Cuba. My Father always considered his Goddaughter with special favors, gifts, and treated her as a daughter, including Olivia in family celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, even for his wedding Olivia was a flower girl in the bridal party, special events, holidays, vacations, etc.

God-Daughter Olivia and Daughter Michelle

Olivia Hung-Simons and Daughter Michelle Leaver

When my Father, Roberto Hung visited Miami, Hialeah, and South Florida, he always made a telephone call to visit his Mother and family there, including his eldest brother, Miguel, and his family, his niece Olivia and family, nephew Miguel and his wife Pamela, and children Brittany and Miguel Hung, his nephew Santiago and the youngest one Ray Hung Simons. Mr. Roberto Hung was always generous, kind, and giving to his eldest brother and sister-in-law Silvia Hung Simons, as well as to his niece Olivia who was his goddaughter and all his nephews, Miguel, Santiago, and Ray Hung Simons.

Mr. Roberto Hung and his eldest brother Miguel Hung with Grandchildren Brittany Hung and Mike Hung

Mr. Roberto Hung and his eldest brother Miguel Hung with Grandchildren Brittany Hung and Mike Hung

The irony is that none of his eldest brother’s family nor his sister-in-law Silvia Hung Simons or his niece Olivia remembered to attend Roberto Hung’s funeral at St. Pius X Catholic Church nor send any sympathy card or monetary funeral gift when my Father died by medical throttling caused by the Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar in the care of Dr. Raied Abdullah M.D. and Dr. Paul Grodzin M.D. among other physicians. His Goddaughter Olivia Hung Simons married Wayne Leaver and did not even invite Roberto Hung or his wife Gardenia and family to their wedding, nor to their divorce celebration years afterwards.

After Roberto Hung visited his family in Florida and New York, he became a Lombard Resident Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes while he worked for the Pampered Chef in Addison, Dominick’s Food Stores in Oakbrook Terrace, Felt-Products in Skokie, and died by medical murder at Vencor Northlake Hospital in Cook County, Illinois USA.

His Goddaughter Olivia and his nephews have not tried to contact Roberto Hung’s eldest daughter who is the Executor Trustee for the Estate of Roberto Hung and Surviving Family by U.S. Mail at Post Office Box 1274, Lombard Illinois 60148-8274 USA nor by telephone or even Email in 2012, for the 21st Century.

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Appeal_Denial_of_Illinois_Crime_Victims_Compensati on_for_Case_No_11cv5273_Gardenia_C._Hung_Pro_Se.docx
Attention_Robert_J._Sprague_Chief_Justice_State_ of_Illinois_Court_of_Claims_GCH_3_August_2012.docx

During April 21-22, 1998, Mr. Roberto Hung’s tracheostomy was dislodged when the Certified Nurse’s Assistant (Carol) turned him suddenly and forcefully on the Hill-Rom bed at the Lombard home, after washing him early in the morning. CNA Carol was harried and rushed when she knocked hard on the door, making loud noises around 7:30 a.m. on that day after she drove from Bolingbrook, Illinois USA …Carol was so loud that she woke me up, since the regular CNA Jennifer had changed her daily schedule for Roberto Hung in Lombard and did not come into Lombard from Woodridge, Illinois. CNA Carol was ornery and sounded irritated when she flipped Roberto Hung who was thin and underweight over on the Hill-Rom bed, too fast. The bedridden patient, Roberto Hung moaned and looked frazzled. I was watching CNA Carol wash my Father quickly until the telephone downstairs rang and I went answer the early morning call. The Certified Nurse’s Assistant Carol worked for a Home Physicians Service related to Dr. Thomas Cornwell, M.D., Nurse Nancy Minch R.N. and CNA Jennifer who were regular home care medical staff for Mr. Roberto Hung who had become a Lombard disabled and bedridden Traumatic Brain Injury patient as a resident homeowner, taxpayer in District 5, one block from St. Pius X Catholic Church and School in York Township, DuPage County, Illinois USA.

The tracheostomy tube had been inserted during December 1996 at Good Samaritan Advocate Hospital in Downers Grove, DuPage County, Illinois while the patient Roberto Hung was in a deep coma following a blunt hit to the head he suffered during a Lombard home invasion on the eve of the winter solstice, December 21-22, around Hannukah and Christmas in 1996. The traumatic brain injury with the aneurysm and stroke disabled and unemployed the Lombard resident homeowner that day at the age of 65 years old at home in District 5, one block north from Westmore Elementary School and the Deicke Home for the Retarded, 1005 W. Division Street in Lilac Town, DuPage County, Illinois USA.

When Roberto Hung started to turn blue in bed for lack of oxygen from the occlusion of the tracheostomy, I rushed to call Emergency 911 for the Lombard Emergency Medical Services, the Paramedics at the Fire Department and Police in DuPage County who arrived later and drove my Father to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital since the Village of Lombard did not have a hospital for resident homeowners and taxpayers in 1998.

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