22 April 2009: This Easter day

“This Easter day is a great day of joy and glory.
I love Jesus in this luminous glory, and how I love his Mother too. All the bells were decorated with flowers, there was great happiness. It was a day of love, the day when everything was done according to God’s wishes. The entire earth was united.
She said to me: ‘May this feast of Easter bring joy to my children. Tell them that I do not forget them, that I wait for them to come before me. Tell them that if they ask me, I will always come to help them.’ She asks her children on earth to love her divine Son, console his Heart and cease to persecute him.
She said to me: ‘I love them so much!’ And I saw all her affection, tenderness and maternal love for all her children of the universe. She carried for each one a gift, a look, a blessing. I saw with my own eyes inexhaustible treasures of grace.
I saw her carrying to each one in particular a special blessing, with many graces to help them in their weakness, warm their hearts, and bring back life to their souls.”

Clemence Ledoux, 9 April 1953
NOW AVAILABLE: “The Gate Was Open Wide – Life of Clémence Ledoux” by Monique Plassard (320 pages).

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