22 February 2010: Grace

“Grace purifies us, calms us, and delivers us from ourselves. But this is not all: after having accomplished this primary work, grace covers our whole being with its beauty and perfection. It enrobes us in light, clothing us with holiness, simplicity, brightness and truth.

Dear children, grace is wedded to the nature of each person: it adapts itself to correspond to each one’s needs, their character and temperament, the dispositions of their heart and mind. But also, grace utterly transforms our nature, enriching and illuminating us, making us grow in beauty. Grace corrects our imperfections, bringing us harmony; it adorns us with a celestial and divine splendour.”

Clemence Ledoux, December 1964

NEW: “You Are My Beloved Child” by Father Marie Pierre Faye (based on a preached retreat, 118 pages).
You can order from us in Barna (address below), label cheque to “Fraternity of Mary Immaculate Queen”.
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Each Fraternity priest offers Mass once a month for our benefactors – with our thanks for prayers and donations.

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