The Brain Injury Association of Illinois is celebrating Brain Injury Awareness during the month of March 2012. I can personally support traumatic brain injury awareness in March 2012 because I have been a Victim of Traumatic Brain Injury after I was struck with a blunt object to the head and passed out, following kidnapping, abuse, and torture while I was a Lombard resident homeowner at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, in District 5, near St. Pius X Catholic Church, in York Township, Du Page County, Illinois USA.

I have been abused and physically injured several times with a traumatic brain injury to prevent me from recognizing the kidnappers that sequestered me from the Master Bedroom in my Lombard home. I have been hit to the head by criminals who do not want to me appear before a Court Hearing and testify as a witness to abuse and as a Lombard resident homeowner Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes, near St. Pius X Catholic Church, in District 5, Du Page County, Illinois.

In addition, several family members have also suffered from traumatic brain injury following a blunt hit to the head while living as Lombard resident homeowners in Lilac Town and other cities in the United States of America and abroad.

The Marianjoy Rehabilitation Franciscan Health Center in Wheaton and Oakbrook Terrace is known for providing emergency traumatic brain injury treatment in Illinois, U.S.A. My Father, Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor was a Victim of Traumatic Brain Injury after he was injured at home by intruders on December 22, 1996 in the evening. Roberto Hung was operated for an aneurysm and traumatic brain injury at Good Samaritan Advocate Hospital in Downers Grove, Edwards Hospital, Marianjoy Community Rehabilitation Center in Naperville, Manor Care Center in Naperville, Dr. Thomas Cornwell, M.D., Nancy Minch, R.N., Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in Elmhurst, and Dr. Raied Abdullah, Dr. Paul Grodzin, Dr. Cozzi, and other medical staff including Respiratory Ben Aguilar who throttled and murdered him at Vencor Northlake in Northlake, Illinois on June 18, 1998.

During March 2012, friends also remember their accidents resulting in traumatic brain injury while residing in Du Page County, Illinois. Traumatic Brain Injury is caused by a blunt hit to the head which causes a person to lose consciousness, suffer from blurry vision, lose recognition of surroundings, results in loss of memory, and damages brain processes and normal functioning of an individual including the ability to walk, talk, and work. Traumatic Brain Injury inflicted by a criminal trespasser, a mugger, or by assault is a federal crime in the United States of America and around the world resulting in criminal penalty and prison sentence.

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