While I lived in the Village of Lombard as a resident homeowner, taxpayer, and U.S. citizen in DuPage County, I worked for Interlate Systems, Inc. in Elgin and Aurora doing legal interpreting and translation, medical interpreting, and community intepreting, technical translations, business, banking, corporate, and marketing media, when Renee, Jacquie Guiter, and Brad White were co-owners of Pan Blanco/Interlate Systems Inc. In addition, I was called to interpret at the Court House Downtown for the City of Elgin and City of Aurora at the Courthouse for public hearings, traffic court, human services, depositions, labor relations, workman’s compensation arbitration hearings, National Labor Relations Board hearing and arbitrations for workman’s compensation disputes and settlements overseen by the Industrial Commission at the State of Illinois building and the Illinois Department of Labor, etc.