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Dr. Santiago Mock, M.D. is a Gynecologist and General Family Doctor who practices Medicine in Cuba and also while he lived in Portuguese-speaking Angola, Africa and trained with Doctors Without Borders around the world from Santiago de Cuba; His Son Dr. Santiago “Chaguín” Mock Jr. is also a Certified Cardiologist and Surgeon, both graduates from the University of Oriente, School of Medicine in Cuba.

Figure 1 (Center) Dr. Santiago Mock Sr. and Wife Ileana Castillo René, Guillermo Mock and His Wife Millie, Aunt Luz “Leing” Hung Mock (Sitting), Daughter Lily Mock, and Newlyweds Santiago “Chaguín” Mock and Bride Ileana during Family Wedding Celebration in Cuba

My Grandfather Santiago’s oldest daughter Luz “Leing” Hung Mock celebrated another birthday anniversary with her first son Guillermo Mock and her grand-daughter Lily Mock in South Miami, Florida, Kendall County during May 19, 2013. Aunt Luz “Leing” married Guillermo Mock, a friend of my Grandfather Santiago Hung from China, in Santiago de Cuba. Aunt Leing and Uncle Guillermo Mock begot three children: Guillermo, Santiago, and Gertrudis Mock.

Figure 2 (Left) Santiago Mock, Maria Rodriguez, Santiago, Olivia, and Miguel Hung-Simons, Gertrudis Mock and Guillermo Mock sitting in front of Mr. Roberto Hung J.D. standing with His Wife and Daughter on August 1959 in Santiago de Cuba

Figure 3 Aunt Luz “Leing” Hung’s Birthday Celebration with Her First Son Guillermo Mock and Grand-Daughter Lily Mock

Figure 4 Aunt Luz “Leing” and Grand-Daughter Lily Mock Celebrate Another Birthday Anniversary in Miami, Florida USA

The second oldest son and the first grandson of my Aunt Luz “Leing” are both also called Santiago, whose namesakes in the Hung family include all the grandsons bearing the Chinese merchant’s name from Santiago de Cuba.

Grand-daughter Lily Mock lives with her Grandmother Luz “Leing” and works for Kendall Toyota, the Japanese auto manufacturing dealer in Miami, Florida, USA.

Maxfield’s Pancake House is West Roosevelt Road in Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois

Four (4) years ago, both Michelle Leaver and her Mother Olivia Hung-Simons drove to the western suburbs for breakfast at 352 East Roosevelt Road, Maxfield’s Pancake House to meet me on Saturday morning for Brunch with Henry William Hochstatter, on August 15th, 2009, during the Summer of 2009.  Michelle Leaver is the daughter of Wayne Leaver and Olivia Hung-Simons, who was staying at the Columbia College Downtown Residence while she was sent to study in Chicago, Illinois where her father Wayne Leaver was raised and educated.  Wayne Leaver wanted Michelle, his youngest daughter to live and study in the Windy City by Lake Michigan, Illinois USA.  Afterwards, Michelle Leaver moved to Oak Park and River Forest, near Concordia College.

When I received a telephone call from Olivia and Michelle, I was surprised to hear that they were both in Chicago, Illinois.  I had not seen my Cousin Olivia Hung-Simons for more than thirty years.  Olivia is the niece and god-daughter of  my Father, the late Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor who visited her Father Miguel Hung and family in Miami, Kendall County, Florida.

Friends of Roberto Hung’s family encouraged Michelle Leaver and her Mother to meet with me in Lombard because Michelle had a roommate who lived in DuPage County, and visited there regularly and over the weekends.

Maxfield’s Pancake House is a nice family restaurant to meet and reconnect with relatives and friends in Lombard and the western suburbs of  DuPage County, Illinois.

The family meeting with my Cousin Olivia and her Daughter Michelle Leaver was pleasant over breakfast for four people since I had invited them to meet me with Henry W. Hochstatter on Saturday morning at Maxfield’s, a popular eatery on weekends.  I had not seen Cousin Olivia since she had married Wayne Leaver or met her daughter Michelle who had been living and visiting in Chicago, Illinois for several years, unbeknown to me and my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor.

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During the family meeting, Michelle and Olivia wanted to take digital photos of our gathering at Maxfield’s.  After breakfast, Olivia and Michelle were planning to drive to Rockford, Illinois and return in the evening for dinner.  So, Olivia invited me and Henry to have dinner at T.G.I.F. in Oak Park by 7:30 P.M.  At T.G.I. Friday’s we exchanged gifts for Olivia and Michelle Leaver.

Afterwards, Michelle Leaver left Chicago suddenly, got into a car accident, and became pregnant.  Since then, Michelle Leaver gave birth to a son whose name is Joseph.  During July 2013, Michelle Leaver and Olivia Hung-Simons have removed all the photos from Facebook and the Internet.

The Press – Addison edition, Volume 6, Issue 49, June 18, 1993

When Addison resident Henry Hochstatter climbs Pike’s Peak on July 4, 1993, he won’t have any problem with the height.

Hochstatter, 38, has held the ultimate high-flyer’s job: working as a skyscraper window washer. He has washed high-rise windows in 48 states, all except in Alaska and Hawaii, he says.

“I know what it’s like to be out in the clouds, 80 stories up and 30 feet from a building with the wind blowing you”, he says.

Hochstatter also knows what it’s like to barely survive a car accident, and that’s the inspiration behind his Independence Day climb. He’ll be heading for the 14,110-foot summit as part of Walk Through the Clouds, the annual fundraiser for the National Head Injury Foundation.

Hochstatter was injured in an auto/semi-trailer accident at Addison Road and Lorraine Avenue in Addison in 1979. His close friend, who was driving was decapitated, and Hochstatter was left in a coma, not expected to survive.

Fourteen years and a barrage of physical, speech and occupational therapists later, he’s going strong. Despite scars and memory problems, Hochstatter maintains he’s better off than many head injury victims.

While undergoing therapy at Wheaton Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital and Clinics, he met a woman who suffered a head injury after rolling her Jeep in
Arizona. A former model, she is now restricted to a wheelchair.

His mother is a brain-injury victim too, the result of a 1988 accident with a semi-trailer in Glen Ellyn.

“That’s why I’m walking” to Pike’s Peak, Hochstatter says. “I’m walking for all the people with head injuries”.

Hochstatter says anyone can fall victim to head injury. Even presidents aren’t immune.

“Abrahma Lincoln got one,” he says. “He got kicked by a mule, I believe. That’s why he used to sit by himself all the time.”

Hochstatter says he can’t remember the accident that led to his injury, or being at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital afterward. He came out of the coma on his 24th birthday in Marianjoy.

“I feel like I was born at Marianjoy,” he says. The intensive therapy he had to undergo, he says, was “like starting over again, from potty-training to walking and talking.”

Besides window-washing, Hochstatter has built race-car engines, worked for a junk-yard on North Avenue and trained polo ponies in Oak Brook. At the time of his accident, he was a journeyman carpenter.

“I was in good shape, otherwise I would not have survived,” he said.

His training regime for the climb consists of biking, pushups, situps, and hiking area streets with a backpack full of logs. Next week, he begins loading the pack with brick.

Marianjoy is also helping him prepare. “They have therapists working with me, timing me, checking my heart, checking my breathing making sure I’m not falling apart on them,” he said.

Once he reaches Colorado, he and the other hikers will take short daily walks to get used to the altitude.

Although he plans to travel light when he heads for the summit, carrying only about 40 pounds of gear, Hochstatter will have something special in his pack: a Bungee cord, perfect for his planned Bungee-jump off Pike’s Peak.

Hochstatter must raise a minimum of $1,500 in pledges to take part in the climb.

To make a donation to Hochstatter’s climb or to the National Head Injury Foundation, contact Henry W. Hochstatter, Email:

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