My Father’s God-Daughter Olivia was born on his birthday in June, so his eldest brother and sister-in-law Silvia wanted him to be the Godfather for the christening and baptism of his niece Olivia in 1948 while the family was living in Santiago de Cuba, Oriente, Cuba. My Father always considered his Goddaughter with special favors, gifts, and treated her as a daughter, including Olivia in family celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, even for his wedding Olivia was a flower girl in the bridal party, special events, holidays, vacations, etc.

God-Daughter Olivia and Daughter Michelle

Olivia Hung-Simons and Daughter Michelle Leaver

When my Father, Roberto Hung visited Miami, Hialeah, and South Florida, he always made a telephone call to visit his Mother and family there, including his eldest brother, Miguel, and his family, his niece Olivia and family, nephew Miguel and his wife Pamela, and children Brittany and Miguel Hung, his nephew Santiago and the youngest one Ray Hung Simons. Mr. Roberto Hung was always generous, kind, and giving to his eldest brother and sister-in-law Silvia Hung Simons, as well as to his niece Olivia who was his goddaughter and all his nephews, Miguel, Santiago, and Ray Hung Simons.

Mr. Roberto Hung and his eldest brother Miguel Hung with Grandchildren Brittany Hung and Mike Hung

Mr. Roberto Hung and his eldest brother Miguel Hung with Grandchildren Brittany Hung and Mike Hung

The irony is that none of his eldest brother’s family nor his sister-in-law Silvia Hung Simons or his niece Olivia remembered to attend Roberto Hung’s funeral at St. Pius X Catholic Church nor send any sympathy card or monetary funeral gift when my Father died by medical throttling caused by the Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar in the care of Dr. Raied Abdullah M.D. and Dr. Paul Grodzin M.D. among other physicians. His Goddaughter Olivia Hung Simons married Wayne Leaver and did not even invite Roberto Hung or his wife Gardenia and family to their wedding, nor to their divorce celebration years afterwards.

After Roberto Hung visited his family in Florida and New York, he became a Lombard Resident Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes while he worked for the Pampered Chef in Addison, Dominick’s Food Stores in Oakbrook Terrace, Felt-Products in Skokie, and died by medical murder at Vencor Northlake Hospital in Cook County, Illinois USA.

His Goddaughter Olivia and his nephews have not tried to contact Roberto Hung’s eldest daughter who is the Executor Trustee for the Estate of Roberto Hung and Surviving Family by U.S. Mail at Post Office Box 1274, Lombard Illinois 60148-8274 USA nor by telephone or even Email in 2012, for the 21st Century.

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