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My name is Gardenia C. Hung (Wittler), a Lombard resident homeowner at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road who has become an Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes after I was involved with professional certified legal interpreting and translation with the Chicago Area Translators Association (CHICATA), the American Translators Association
(ATANET) and the Federation of Interpreters and Translators(FIT-IFT).

I have reported heinous hate crimes, physical abuse, kidnappings, forced hospitalizations, denial of civil procedure, abuse of human rights in housing under the law, conspiracy,
sedition, harassment, attempts to murder me during my sleep at home, repeated motor vehicle accidents and near-death experiences, to include the medical murder of my father Mr. Roberto Hung Mustelier Juris Doctor.

I have reported all accidents during the course of employment as a certified legal and medical interpreter/translators, member of CHICATA, ATA, FIT-IFT.

I am petitioning Illinois Crime Victims Compensation and Restitution as A Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes in the Village of Lombard York Township DuPage County Illinois USA.

While the Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association was active in the linguistic global community, I was invited to participate by a colleague Patti Jacobs, a co-worker at Public Information Access, Inc., also known as PIA, Inc. in Chicago. Patti Jacobs was a member of CHICATA which met at the Sulzer Public Library on Montrose and Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. I attended CHICATA meetings on Saturday afternoons and paid professional membership dues, also volunteering as an active contributor for the CHICATA newsletter. During one of the CHICATA meetings, a guest speaker from I.W.O.C., discussed the Independent Writers of Chicago, then I joined the independent writers group as a freelance writer and contributor to the newsletters.

Since 1994, I became an active communications professional, participant, and presenter in conferences for the Illinos Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (I.C.T.F.L.), the American Translators Association (ATA), the Federation of International Translators (FIT), in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Nashville, Tennessee, San Francisco, California, Montréal, Québec, Toronto, at the Orillia Conference Center in Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Then, I travelled to Strasbourg, France, Berlin, Germany in Europe for the FIT conferences in Europe.

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