The High Hopes Brain Injury Support Group at Marianjoy Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare invited Donka representatives Kim Snively-Smith, Program Manager, and Kathy Kramer, Senior Trainer, to discuss Donka, Inc. technology tools used as memory aid for Traumatic Brain Injury survivors at Marianjoy in Wheaton, Du Page County, Illinois. Last Tuesday, September 14th, High Hopes presented “Using Technology to Assist with Memory and Daily Activities” by Donka, Inc., during the communication series presentation designed by Dr. Nancy Devereux for the High Hopes Brain Injury Support Group meetings on the second Tuesday of the month, at the Marianjoy Wheaton Healthcare Center.
Donka, Inc.,, offers a training program whose mission is “to change the lives of people with disabilities through technology”, at the DuPage Convalescent Center, 400 North County Farm Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187, Telephone (630) 665-8169, Ext. 11. Other Donka technology-based training centers include the office at the North Aurora Illinois workNet, 2 Smoke Tree Plaza, North Aurora, Kane County, Illinois. There are Donka mobile and remote training programs available for the disabled upon request.
The technology-based program for the disabled was founded in 1987 by Don Van Haveren, volunteer executive director and teacher. Donka, Inc. facilitates training with Assisting Technology and Hardware which includes assisting technology assessments; computer-training in Windows XP and the Microsoft Office Suite Programs, such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, and Internet Explorer. Mobile and remote computer training services are available for the disabled who qualify, upon request. Professional educators who work with the disabled can participate in the “Train the Trainer Workshops”. Donka, Inc. encourages and welcomes volunteers and community involvement in changing the lives of people with disabilities through technology.
Donka, Inc. is a non-profit, no cost computer training for individuals with physical disabilities and visual impairment based at the Du Page Government Center. In order to qualify for Donka training the following requirements are necessary: there must be a diagnosed physical or visual disability compromising the probability of success within a regular classroom. The applicants must have a reading (vocabulary and comprehension level) achievement of at least 8th grade or equivalent. Disabled and impaired individuals must show average or above average cognitive involvement. One must show an interest in learning various computer applications with a goal of improving occupational and/or educational opportunities. It is required to have adequate physical health and mental ability to participate in one and a half (1.5) hours of sustained and continued classroom instructions with break intervals. Be at least 16 years old and a resident of Du Page County or a resident of Kane or Will County, Illinois with an open DRS fee for service case file or alternative funding. Those students with visual impairments must have basic keyboard knowledge for software and hardware instruction.
State-of-the-art technology at Donka, Inc. includes software and hardware tools used to facilitate memory aid and recall for traumatic brain injury patients and survivors at Marianjoy. Senior trainer Kathy Kramer demonstrated several Donka software and hardware tools for the High Hopes Brain Injury Support Group. For the visually impaired and/or blind persons, there is JAWS, also known as the Job Access for Windows and Speech Screen Reader Program in Bright Yellow and Large Print to facilitate reading for visual impairment and includes Zoom Text for screen magnification. There is also Dragon Naturally Speaking, a voice-activated software for the disabled to use voice commands. Literacy training includes Premier To Go for reading and decoding. Adaptive AT Hardware has Mice with Hot Keys, Keyboards with IntelliKeys and ABC layout.
Other memory aid tools for recall featured the Pulse Pen Recorder with Voice Activated software. It is an infrared pen which uses a voice-coded notebook to take notes recorded on a voice-coded paper by location. The Pulse Pen Recorder can store 2 gigabytes of notes and information recorded to be read back at loud from the notebook location during recall. The Apple IPad applications can be also used for severe communication impairment as a memory aid tool for recall—it is also voice-activated and touch sensitive with a battery usage of 10-12 hours maximum.
Donka, Inc. technology facilitates memory aid and recall tools for Traumatic Brain Injury Support at Marianjoy Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, in Du Page County, Illinois, USA.
For more information, please contact Dr. Nancy Devereux at (630) 909-8607 at Marianjoy or Donka, Inc., Kim Snively-Smith, Program Manager, (630) 665-8169, Ext. 11.
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