Report for Stolen Avon Products Inc. Plastic Cosmetics Bag at 140 West St. Charles Road, Apt. 4B, Villa Park, Illinois 60181 on Monday, January 25, 2010 from the Avon Products Inc. box belonging to Gardenia C. Hung, DuPage resident in Illinois.

For the record, stolen Avon Products Inc. Pink and White Cosmetics Plastic Bag, Double Sided with Zippers, containing 24K Gold Lipstick, Gold and Silver Eyeliners, Miscellaneous Cosmetics Toiletries taken from the Avon Products Inc. box at 140 West St. Charles Road, Apt. 4B, in Villa Park, Illinois 60181, from the Avon Products Inc. box belonging to Gardenia C. Hung, Acct. 08817757, District 5543, on Monday, January 25, 2010.

Avon Products Inc., 181 Progress Place, Springdale, Ohio 45246, Tel. 513-551-2866. Avon Products Inc. has been refusing to ship orders for Campaigns 23 and 24 after Customers have made payments in advance for the Christmas holiday. In spite of the Avon Credit policy, the Avon Products were not shipped in time. During previous Avon orders, products were shipped by mistake, wrong garment size, different lingerie items, missing lingerie items, wrong sizes and unaccounted by the Avon Statement and Shipping List. To date, Avon Products Inc. has placed Campaigns 23 and 24 orders on hold for paying customers who have not received anything to date, when the customers have already paid for the Avon Products.

Customers are requesting Total Cash Reimbursement and/or Refund for not shipping the Avon Products ordered for Campaigns 23 and 24. Avon Products Inc. has received more than $533.03 in cash payments from customers already paid to date.

In addition, returned items to Avon Products Inc. have not been posted as returned, but rather missing.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.