A New Translation of the Roman Catholic Mass Service Petitioned by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI

Through These Sacred Texts and The Actions That Accompany Them, Christ Will Be Made Present and Active in The Midst of His People. The Voice That Helped Bring These Words To Birth Will Have Completed Its Task.
–His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Preparing For The New Liturgy of The Word on November 27, 2011

We are preparing for the New Translation of the Catholic Roman Mass. On November 27th, the First Sunday of Advent, all Catholic parishes in the United States will begin praying with the texts of the Mass Service using a new English translation of The Roman Missal.

I Pray That in This Way Any Risk of Confusion and Bewilderment Will Be Averted, and the Change Will Serve Instead as A Springboard For A Renewal and A Deepening of Eucharistic Devotion All Over The English-Speaking World.–His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI