Oracle Business Intelligence hosted by Bill Kadiec and Paul A.
Rodwick, VP for Product Management, presented a
luncheon seminar at the Park Hyatt Chicago, on
Thursday, March 26, 2009, featuring business
technology to get a handle on business recovery
when it happens…since “smart companies
capitalize on the downturn by conserving cash,
driving down the cost of goods sold, maximizing
customer value, managing risk performance, and
optimizing workforce performance to gain
competitive advantage, manage operational
excellence, and maintain the lead with the next
competitive edge”, according to Gartner polls and
press releases (January 14, 2009). Oracle advises
to “get smarter with better intelligence” and
integrated BI applications. Paul Rodwick
recommended smart strategies to manage risk and
performance actions that you can take immediately:
1. Consolidation of multiple Business Intelligence
Tools into a single platform.
2. Acceleration
3. Forecasting: to look into the future of the
next generation for information technology.