On Wednesday, November 5, 2008, http://www.villageoflombard.org, the Village of Lombard Police under Ray Byrne and Dan Cuny, including the former chief of the Fire Department headed by George Seagraves and Keith Steiskal, Lombard Department of Buildings caused criminal disaster demolition following roofing destruction and water damages and losses to the Hung Family’s Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow, http://www.preservehistoricestate.zoomshare.com, at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in the Village of Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois 60148-3028, in the , http://www.2008damagesandlossescausedbylombard.blogspot.com, United States of America. As a result of the Village of Lombard’s wrongful actions and criminal activities in Du Page County, Illinois, I, Gardenia Hung Wittler have become homeless and destitute. I am a Lombard victim of abuse and heinous hate crimes in Du Page County, Illinois USA. The Village of Lombard is denying me human rights in housing under the law by refusing to provide lawful lodging and compensation as a victim of heinous hate crimes and abuse to include the criminal disaster demolition of the Hung Family home in Du Page County, Illinois USA.

On November 14, 2008, after meeting at the Grace Lutheran Community Church, at the corner of Princeton Street and St. Charles Road in Villa Park, Henry William Hochstatter former resident in Addison, offered to provide transportation in his TOYOTA SUV SR5 in exchange for Shell Oil gasoline in the amount of $25.00US and to cover car gasoline expenses thereafter to and from homeless shelters at local churches sponsored under PADS Action in Housing based in Wheaton, Illinois. After November 5, 2008, I had to stay at the Motel 66 on Roosevelt Road, in Villa Park, Illinois, for one night only, since the Lombard Fire Department would not pay for my lodging after the criminal disaster demolition of my Lombard home at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in Du Page County, Illinois. The Village of Lombard made me homeless by their criminal activities and wrongful actions around the Hung Family real estate property. So I was advised by the Illinois Department of Human Services in Villa Park to go to Wheaton and register for Du Page PADS, Inc. located at 705 West Liberty, Wheaton, Illinois 60187, Telephone: (630) 682-3846, http://www.dupagepads.org , Shelter for the Homeless with local churches such as Peace Lutheran Church in Lombard, Grace Lutheran Church of Villa Park, Community Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn, Elmhurst, Downers Grove, Naperville, Carol Stream, Itasca, and other locations in Du Page County, Illinois. The Village of Lombard and David Hulseberg, Village Manager, have been refusing to provide lawful lodging and housing under the law following the criminal disaster demolition of my Lombard historic home owned by Mr. Roberto Hung and family in Du Page County, Illinois, in the United States of America.

On November 14, 2009, Henry William Hochstatter decided to rent an apartment owned by Alex King Construction, Inc. at 140 West St. Charles Road, Apartment 4B, Villa Park, Illinois 60181, USA, by referral from his cousin Charles “Chuck” Pickerill and his wife Karen Pickerill who had lived at the same building complex while leasing from Alex King, a friend of his father, former Fire Chief Charles Pickerill from the Villa Park Fire Department, Station No. 3 on Ardmore Street, near Willowbrook High School and the Islamic Foundation Center on Highridge Road in Villa Park, Illinois USA. For the last year, during December 2008 and the remainder of 2009, Henry W. Hochstatter had been sharing lodging with Gardenia C. Hung (Wittler) at the InTown Residential Suites, at the corner of Roosevelt Road and Villa Avenue in Villa Park, Illinois USA, near the Community Christian Church of Villa Park. During December 2008 and January 2009, Gardenia C. Hung (Wittler) first paid cash and credit with the VISA Chase card for the first floor lodging, Room 125, since Henry W. Hochstatter did not have any money to his name or in his pocket because his wife Joan Julia (Mueller) Hochstatter had demanded a divorce and cancelled the joint checking and savings account, while suspending his disability funds for lack of a residential address in Addison, Illinois; then, due to a traumatic brain injury disability, Henry W. Hochstatter was given Room 139 for disabled people at the InTown Residential Suites, where I, Gardenia C. Hung (Wittler) paid and shared lodging expenses to be paid by the week in cash or credit.

Since Chuck Pickerill did not provide enough cash or credit for Henry William Hochstatter to rent the apartment leased by Alex King Construction Inc., the Church of Christ on Villa Avenue in Addison, provided the cash deposit by check for Henry W. Hochstatter to rent the apartment on November 14, 2009. I, Gardenia C. Hung (Wittler) helped Henry W. Hochstatter complete the leasing form in writing in front of Alex King and Andy, his secretary at the office for Alex King Realty, Inc. at 140 West St. Charles Road, Villa Park, Illinois 60181, USA. Also, I helped to pay for the AT&T Telephone deposit for installation at the apartment since Henry W. Hochstatter did not have any money at the time. I have been helping Henry W. Hochstatter by paying expenses he had for cable installation, groceries, car gasoline, mobile telephone, VISA CHASE credit card charges, medications, personal toiletries, etc.

In addition, I, Gardenia C. Hung (Wittler) helped Henry W. Hochstatter move his personal and household belongings, hard metal tools, etc. from his Addison home at 437 Natalie Drive into two (2) units at the U-Store-It in Addison and from the InTown Residential Suites, Room 139, on the second floor to the second floor, up the stairs to Apartment 4B at 140 West St. Charles, Villa Park, Illinois 60181 USA.

During the same time, I was helping and driving trucks, cars, SUVs, at the UHAUL in Villa Park and in Addison, while his Uncle “Charlie” Pickerill was working there transporting UHAUL Truck, Trailers, and Wagons from Chicago, Forest Park, Oak Park, Iowa City, Arlington Heights, Downers Grove, Bloomingdale, DeKalb, and other locations because Chuck Pickerill was missing Andrew, Jacquie, and Casey Rae from his own family members, since neither Karen Pickerill, his wife, nor Kathy Nolet, were not driving any trucks anywhere—neither were Gary Nolet or Mike Nolet driving trucks for UHAUL. I had to pay for the UHAUL Trucks gasoline during the transportation from Iowa City to Villa Park, Illinois.

After Uncle Charlie Pickerill had a heart attack on Sunday, following his hunting mule deer in Montana, cousin Chuck Pickerill started screaming at people at the UHAUL in Villa Park, Illinois, USA.

Since UHAUL in Villa Park was short staffed, I had already driven an UHAUL Truck back from Arlington Heights along Palatine Road and Route 53, after 7:00 PM in the evening with Henry W. Hochstatter, who drove back another UHAUL truck himself.