Orthostatic screening by Advanced Physicians for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy was conducted by Jesse Peery, in order to explain how a person’s feet imprints, scanned by digital media into a personal computer, assist in designing custom-made insoles (for walking) shoes and prevent foot aches, discomfort, and fatigue while walking. Footprints on a digital scanner, color- coded by areas of pressure, map the feet’s arches for Orthostatic Foot Insoles, for standing upright or walking on foot. I was the first visitor to try the Orthostatic Digital Scanner. Some years ago, someone stumped my big toe to injure my right foot, causing a permanent foot injury. Since then, my fractured right toe never healed properly and has developed into “a hammertoe”— which reclines upon other toes with discomfort and distress upon walking, jogging, or running exercise. During Orthostatic Digital screening, the right foot imprint showed in color codes how a custom- designed foot insole would balance the foot pressure to ease walking discomfort. In addition, Jesse Peery recommended to insert a big toe wedge to prevent continued degeneration of the hammertoe, reclining upon the other toes with undue pressure and discomfort, during excessive walking. Advanced Physicians provided “Free” Health Consultation to seek medical help for foot pain. Visit http://www.AdvancedPhysiciansGroup.com for additional information in Du Page County.