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Sender's profile photoSince May 2016, I have been looking for Affordable Housing In or Near The Edgewater Area By Lake Michigan, in Chicago, Illinois USA. I have already made appointments with the Alderman Harry Osterman’s Office while Cecilia Bocanegra was still in his office as an employee. Now that she is gone, there is another person handling the Housing Requests during February 2017.

I have already gone through Apartment Finders and a personal realtor who accompanied during my Apartment Search.

Another Chicago Realtor has been contacted to provide condominium leasing and purchase options in the Lincoln Park area, pending my Lombard real estate cash payment, compensation, restitution, and Illinois Homeowners’ Credit.

So, I am still looking for Affordable Housing in the Edgewater neighborhood.

Where is my Lombard Homeowner Cash Payment For Criminal Roofing Damages and Losses, Demolition, and Illinois Victims of Crime Abuse at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in District 5, York Township, Du Page County, Illinois 60148-3028 USA?

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Santiago de Cuba.- El buque Tango 62 de la Armada Venezolana arribará, en los próximos días, por el puerto del holguinero municipio de Moa, con materiales de la construcción y equipos para restable…

Source: Arribará buque venezolano para restablecer puente Moa-Baracoa

Today, Capture My Chicago posted my photo of the Edgewater Beach Hotel, "A Centennial Anniversary Celebration of the Edgewater Beach Hotel" By Gardenia Hung.

The first day of February 2017 is full of anticipation for the Chinese New Year of the Rooster celebration. There are festivities planned and scheduled in the City of Chicago throughout the month of February. Neighborhoods of the World celebrate "China!" on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at Navy Pier’s Crystal Gardens sponsored by the Chinese Fine Arts Society in Chicago.

Birthday anniversary celebrations take place in February for family members, relatives, friends, and everyone around the world.

Today, we talked about "Connecting with Others" and how person-to-person communication is more meaningful when one person reaches out to another in conversation, Chat or simply, when thoughts come to mind–telepathy.

Some people do not like Social Media because they are not virtually-correct nor do they want to share anything on the world wide web.

Others can connect virtually on Facebook and communicate electronically and virtually become friends. Many Facebook friends celebrate their birthday anniversaries during the year, especially in February 2017. Best Wishes For A Happy Birthday Anniversary To Everyone!

Valentine’s Day is on February 14 to celebrate "Love"! It is a wonderful day to share with others.

President’s Day is a national holiday on February 20th in the United States of America.

Overall, the month of February only has 28 days and time flies before Spring comes later in March 2017.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications

“En el año 2006, el Presidente de Cuba, Fidel Castro Ruz se retiró de la presidencia para recuperarse de la cirugía gastro-intestinal interna por padecimiento de salud”.

In August 2006, his younger brother Raúl Castro Ruz became Cuba’s acting President and replaced his older brother Fidel Castro Ruz during his chronic illness.

Fidel was optmistic after he underwent surgery due to colon cancer developed during his years smoking tobacco which forced him to step aside from politics and government, in order to retire as Cuban president, the first week of August before his birthday on August 13th, 2006. After gastro-intestinal surgery, Fidel’s health improved, but he stressed that health risks still remained for him.

At this time, Fidel Castro Ruz made a statement in the Communist Youth newspaper, Juventud Rebelde, “I ask you all to be optmistic, and at the same time to be ready to face any adverse news.”

On his 80th Anniversary, Juventud Rebelde y Estudios Revolución pubished four (4) photographs of Fidel Castro Ruz , wearing a red, white and blue Adidas sports athletic warm-up jacket–the colors of the Cuban flag. Fidel was shown talking and holding Saturday’s newspaper pubished as an homage tribute to him.

Estudios Revolución, is part of a division providing Castro’s personal support group that collects historic documents and images. Fidel published real images of himself during his recovery on his 80th Birthday, August 13th, 2006, as living proof that Fidel was alive and getting around his surroundings.

G.C. Hung

Jan 11, 2017

El 19 de enero de 2006, en el “Año de la Revolución Energética en Cuba,” yo recibí una carta de René Montes de Oca Ruiz – J’ Dpto. Atención a la Población con motivo del Año Nuevo y el Advenimiento del 47° Aniversario del Triunfo de la Revolución que festejaba Cuba con legítimo optimismo y en medio de las profundas transformaciones sociales que elevan la calidad de la vida de nuestro pueblo. Al reciprocarme mi felicitación, me expresaron los mejores deseos de bienestar personal y familiar en el Año 2006 y se complacieron en hacerme llegar una tarjeta postal de la Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina, con el texto y firma del Presidente Fidel Castro Ruz. La Tarjeta Postal dice:
“En la Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina lo que nosotros queremos es que los estudiantes de los hermanos países se impregnen de la misma doctrina en que se educan nuestros médicos, de esa entrega total a su noble profesión future, porque el médico es como un pastor, un sacerdote, un misionero, un cruzado de la salud y del bienestar físico y mental de las personas.”
—Fidel Castro Ruz (Con Su Firma y Letra)

La Escuela Latinoamericana de Ciencias Médicas se encuentra ubicada en la Carretera Panamericana Km3-1/2, en Santa Fe, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.

Texto tomado del discurso del Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, en el Acto Inagural de la Escuela Latinoamerican de Ciencias Médicas, el 15 de noviembre de 1999.

Esta postal fue publicada por el Consejo de Estado, con el auspicio del fotógrafo Hector Delgado y Edición e Impresión del Editorial Limusa.

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Cuba and Chicago begin to collaborate on health issues with the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Cuban Health Department (MINSAP)…

Dra Laura Cartuccia

Cuba y Chicago inician colaboración en materia de salud … la Universidad de Illinois, y el Ministerio de Salud Pública de Cuba (MINSAP), como parte…

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Cuba and Chicago collaborate on health issues for Public Health in the low-income areas of Chicago, Illinois USA.

Dra Laura Cartuccia

… la iniciativa se enmarca en un proyecto de colaboración entre la Universidad de Illinois y el Ministerio de Salud Pública de la mayor de las Antillas.

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The White Crane Wellness Center is totally committed to engage the general public in this action-oriented 8-week workshop, “A Matter of Balance”, designed to help you avoid falls and improve balance and stability.

A Matter of Balance intends to use a variety of activities to address which factors use a variety of activities. You can learn about ‘fall prevention” strategies.

Exercise components integrated in the series.

This health and fitness training awareness is located at the Edgewater Satellite Senior Center beginning on Thursday. The workshops begin on Thursday, January 19, 2017, and meets every Thursday, once a week for eight weeks, beginning at 9AM de la mañana. The Program is free for Center Wellness members.

Call 773-271-9000 by Thursday, January 12, 2017. Take a winter class.

The Programs and services are funded by the AgeOptions, the Suburban Area Agency On Aging.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications

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