When I met Henry W. Hochstatter early Saturday morning, November 14, 2008, he told me about his personal family life. Henry W. Hochstatter was removed from his family home at 437 Natalie Lane in Addison, Illinois by his second wife, Joan Julia Mueller Hochstatter, after fourteen (14) years of marriage. At that time, Henry W. Hochstatter did not have any money in his joint bank account and had closed his checking account, after his second wife cleared out all the funds to pay for their home expenses. During November and December 2008, Henry W. Hochstatter did not receive any Social Security Disability funds because he had forgotten to notify the Social Security Administration about his new bank account and did not have a forwarding mailing address because he was homeless. I volunteered to help Henry W. Hochstatter with cash for car gasoline, food, and Christian friendship to guide him through the process of homelessness. I suggested to notify the Social Security Administration and his bank in person by making an appointment, as well as other contacts about the change in his current bank account number, so that funds could be allocated and deposited properly. Since Henry W. Hochstatter had lost his Illinos Driver’s License, he did not have a current Illinois State Identification card. I gave $20.00 to Henry W. Hochstatter to re-apply for his Illinos Driver’s License at the Jesse White Illinois Vehicle Driver’s Facility Eastgate Shopping Center in Lombard. In addition, I offered to share my Lombard Post Office Box, so that Henry W. Hochstatter could have a forwarding mailing address for contact in Illinois. Afterwards, Henry W. Hochstatter suggested to share lodging expenses at the InTown Residential Suites, 350 East Roosevelt Road in Villa Park, Illinois 60181 on December 31, 2008 due to inclement weather and homelessness issues during winter and New Year’s Eve and the upcoming year in 2009.