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Kidnapping Lombard Resident Homeowners by the Lombard Police and Fire Department Paramedics Forced Hospitalizations Against Lombard Real Estate Property
A Victim of Torture and Crime in DuPage County, Illinois

On the 25th Anniversary of the National Center for Victims of Crime, I remember how I was a Victim of Torture and Crime in DuPage County, Illinois, as a Lombard resident homeowner at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, near St. Pius X Catholic Church and School. I was kidnapped from the Master bedroom of a historic Lombard bungalow while I was sleeping after midnight. The house keys to our family home were passed around to Lombard Police and covert informants, so they could have unauthorized access entry to the Hung-Wittler family home when the Lombard resident homeowners were working during the day, afternoon or nights.

After midnight, I woke up suddenly and noticed a group of men around the bed. Someone pulled me away from my husband who was sleeping next to me. I started to scream out his name, while the man pulled me forcefully away from my husband who was still in bed. The man carried me away in the new pajamas I had bought at Yorktown Center in Lombard.

The man was tall and strong while he pulled me away and carried me. The intruder used a hypodermic needle to induce drugs so I would pass out and stop screaming.

Since I remember that I was taken away from the Village of Lombard to another town where I was tortured. During the torture session, my fingers and the palms of my hands were passed over hot flames and singed to damages my fingerprints—I passed out from the pain and abuse of torture. The tips of my fingers were numb and flat. My hands have become weak and I cannot grasp objects which slip away from my fingers and drop onto the floor. I have lost the sense of grasping from both hands and fingers.

After Mr. Roberto Hung, J.D. was abused and murdered by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar at Vencor Northlake Hospital in Cook County, Illinois, the Lombard Police Department had me kidnapped while I was sleeping with my husband Nathan Scott Wittler in the Master Bedroom at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in the Village of Lombard, County of Du Page, Illinois. The Lombard Police had unauthorized access entry to the Hung Family home after midnight and opened the porch side door with a key, allowing several skin head males to come into the Hung Family home when I, Gardenia C. Hung-Wittler was sleeping with my husband Nathan Scott Wittler. Then one of the skin head men pulled me off the bed, away from my husband and began to inject me, to take me away from my home in Lombard. The unknown skin head man kidnapped me away from my family and took me to a hospital in Du Page County, Illinois. I never received any medical records or reports from the DuPage County Hospital near the Village of Lombard in Illinois. I have been kidnapped on several occasions by the Lombard police who also forced my hospitalization at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, Ward D. I reported forced hospitalization by the Lombard Police at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, medical service fraud and abuse of a patient to the health insurance company.

Kidnappings of Lombard resident homeowners after midnight in the Village of Lombard arranged by the Police and Fire Department are common for forced hospitalizations, induced drug injected for overdose, and physical abuse of patients in the County of DuPage in Illinois, USA. The Lombard resident homeowners are kidnapped and sequestered in psychiatric wards overdosed by medications to cause high medical and hospitalizations billings at the expense of the Lombard real estate properties in DuPage County, Illinois, USA

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