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On the day Roberto Hung was abused and throttled by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar at Vencor Northlake Hospital, June 18, 1998, I called St. John Bosco Church at Northlake to see what happened to my Father as a patient. Afterwards, I drove back to Brust Funeral Home on Main Street in Lombard to arrange for the Autopsy by Shaku Teas M.D., forensic pathologist contracted by John Brust in Lombard, Illinois.

Brust Funeral Home’s manager J. Foreman began to plan Roberto Hung’s Visitation and Funeral Mass at St. Pius X Catholic Church on June 25, 1998–one week after Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar had murdered the patient Roberto Hung by shattering the tracheostomy and puncturing his heart early in the morning, around 7:00 a.m. at Vencor Northlake Hospital.

When I returned back to our Lombard home in District 5, I called St. Pius X Catholic Church, one block away to talk to Sister Pauline Schultz, the Franciscan nun who arranges the Funeral Mass for the parishioners in the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois USA. Soprano Jean Ceithaml sang the Ave Maria. The funeral flower arrangements were ordered from Blossoms and left at St. Pius X. In addition, I paid in cash $500 by check to St. Pius X for the Funeral Mass Services on June 25, 2012.

On Roberto Hung’s Funeral Day, very few people from the Village of Lombard attended. No one from the Lombard Town Hall nor the Lombard Police or Fire Department sent any sympathy cards or donations nor any monetary contributions for me or my family as Lombard resident homeowners in bereavement and loss of a family member. None from DuPage County government mailed any sympathy card either for Roberto Hung’s funeral day at St. Pius X Catholic Church in the Village of Lombard, after the Lombard resident homeowner and taxpayer spent all of his Illinois retirement income and funds in DuPage County, York Township, District 5.

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Illinois Crime Victims Office

I, Gardenia C. Hung, do hereby request and petition Illinois Crime Victims Compensation for my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung, Deceased, Illinois Crime Victims Case No. 11cv5273

Re: Illinois Victim of Crime Mr. Roberto Hung (Deceased: June 18, 1998 at Vencor Northlake Hospital Murdered by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar. Mr. Roberto Hung was under medical care of Dr. Grodzin from Elmhurst Memorial Hospital) Lombard resident homeowner at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in York Township, DuPage County, Illinois 60148-3028 United States of America.

Mr. Roberto Hung had medical coverage under Medicare, The Principal Healthcare from The Pampered Chef, Cobra from Dominick’s Food Stores, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Physicians Mutual, etc.

Re: Illinois Victims of Crime Case No.11cv5273 for Mr. Roberto Hung, Lombard resident homeowner murdered and throttled by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar who caused his death at Vencor Northlake Hospital.

My name is Gardenia C. Hung Wittler, eldest daughter of Mr. Roberto Hung, deceased Lombard resident homeowner and Illinois Victim of Crimes at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road. I am writing to you because Mr. Roberto Hung (deceased) has been denied Illinois Crime Victims Compensation by Corey-Anne Gulkewicz Assistant Attorney General, even when Mr. Roberto Hung was abused and murdered during his morning sleep as patient of Dr. Grodzin and other physicians and medical staff at Vencor Northlake Hospital after being treated at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. I am writing to you to file a complaint and dispute the denial of the Illinois Crime Victims Compensation financial assistance for the surviving family of Mr. Roberto Hung.

I, Gardenia C. Hung-Wittler, personally have to incur all the medical, legal, funeral, and extraordinary expenses involving the murder of Mr. Roberto Hung at Vencor Northlake Hospital by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar on June 18, 1998, while Mr. Roberto Hung was under the care of Dr. Grodzin, other physicians, and medical nursing staff who witnessed the murder of Mr. Roberto Hung while he was asleep on the morning of June 18, 1998, before 7:00 a.m.

I am writing to you to appeal the denial of Illinois Crime Victims Compensation for financial assistance and reimbursement of the medical, legal, funeral, and other extraordinary expenses, incurred by the family of Mr. Roberto Hung, Lombard resident homeowner, taxpayer, and Illinois Victim of Crimes in the Village of Lombard, York Township, in DuPage County, Illinois, United States of America.

Please consider this letter of complaint against the denial of Illinois Crime Victims Compensation for Mr. Roberto Hung and surviving family members in the Village of Lombard, State of Illinois, U.S.A.

I, Gardenia C. Hung-Wittler, do hereby petition and request Illinois Crime Victims Compensation for Mr. Roberto Hung, Illinois Victim of Crime Case No. 11cv5273.


Mrs. Gardenia C. Hung-Wittler
Post Office Box 1274
Lombard, Illinois 60148-8274

On December 22, 1996, Mr. Hung was injured at home in Lombard after 9:00 PM, before Christmas Day. After recovering from a stroke in 1997, Roberto Hung was throttled and murdered by the respiratory therapist Ben Aguilar at Vencor Northlake Hospital, on June 18, 1998.

On June 25th, 2009, I am remembering how Mr. Roberto Hung was murdered at Vencor Northlake Hospital by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar, while my father was under the medical care of Dr. Grodzin, M.D. and previous medical care of Dr. Tom Cornwell, and Nurse Nancy Minch, R.N., and CNA Carol and Jennifer…

Twelve years ago, on December 22, 1996, Mr. Roberto Hung suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury at home and became a victim of crime as a Lombard resident homeowner at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in Du Page County, Illinois—Mr. Hung was at home after working part-time at Dominick’s Food Store in Oakbrook Terrace, when he was injured by a severe hit on the head that left him disabled, paralyzed, bedridden and homebound.
That morning, Roberto Hung was assisted and overdosed by the Lombard Fire Department Paramedics who urgently drove him by ambulance to Good Samaritan Hospital. He was in a deep coma for two months and a half. Later on, Mr. Hung was treated by Marianjoy Rehabilitation staff for recovery as a TBI patient. As a result of Traumatic Brain Injury in Lombard, he became permanently disabled, bed-ridden, homebound, and paralyzed in Du Page County, after he purchased a Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow and paid cash retirement funds at the Maple Park State Bank, in Kane County, from his lifetime work at Felt-Products Inc., also known as Federal Mogul, automotive gasket manufacturer in Skokie, Illinois, and Detroit, Michigan, in the U.S.A. and Latin America. Roberto Hung was employed full-time by The Pampered Chef in Addison, Illinois and enrolled in the same company’s employees benefits, including The Principal Life Insurance policy.
Today, on December 22, 2008, we remember Roberto Hung as a TBI patient who survived neurosurgery and severe head injury as a victim of crime and Lombard resident homeowner, taxpayer, and U.S. citizen in DuPage County, Illinois, USA.

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