For your information and reference, the required Disaster Restoration for Water Damages and Losses by the Zees Services contracts, for a total amount of $288,330.00US, itemized as follow:

A-1, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, in the amount of $66,150.00
B-1, Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling, in the amount of $92,480.00
C-1, Tuckpointing, Replacement of Central Heating Furnace and AC Unit, Remodeling, Renovation, in the amount of $123,200.00
Architectural Blueprint Drawings by ArchiMax, Inc., in the amount of $6,500.00

The Zees Group Services for Disaster Restoration of the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow will improve the Lombard real estate property for sale and investment. We will be selling this Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow at 502 S. Westmore Avenue, one block from Westmore Elementary School and one block from St. Pius X Parish School, near the State of Illinois Vehicle License Facility on Westmore-Meyers Road.

I have been proposing the sale of this Lombard Brick Bungalow at the corner of Westmore Avenue and Washington Blvd. in Du Page County, Illinois, USA.

I can be reached directly via Email, in person or by U.S. mail. For any questions or additional information, please contact me in the Village of Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois. Visit Our Web Site at