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Dear Cynthia Hora, Division Chief, Crime Victims Services Division, Office of the Attorney General, To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Gardenia C. Hung, M.A. I am a Victim of Crime in the Village of Lombard, Du Page County, and in the City of Chicago, in the State of Illinois, United States of America.

This letter is my Personal Testimony and Public Statement as a Victim of Crime who is abused in the Village of Lombard and by Champion Cycle Center, Inc. at 3625 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60618.

I, Gardenia C. Hung, am being denied inherent and inalienable rights as a Lombard resident homeowner, taxpayer, and U.S. citizen under the Constitution of the State of Illinois, Article I, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the United States of America.

I, Gardenia C. Hung, am being denied Crime Victims’ Rights by the Lombard Police Department, the Village of Lombard, and the City of Chicago, Consumer Services Department, after Champion Cycle Center, Inc. damaged my brand new motorcycle, 2003 Derbi Boulevard 150 CC, which was serviced into disrepair by motorcycle mechanic Jon Jon, and service manager José Rivera, under management by Larry Wolfe, owner, and salesman Julio Aquino from June 11, 2003 through November 11, 2004—within one year of purchase and under service coverage of a 5-year warranty for a defective exhaust system, underwritten by Derbi, S.A.

I am a Lombard resident homeowner, taxpayer, and U.S. citizen in Du Page County, in the State of Illinois. I am writing to complain about violations of the Illinois Human Rights Act, under Housing Illinois law, the Hate Crimes Local Law Enforcement Act, and the Victims of Crimes Act by the Village of Lombard, Keith Steiskal, Bureau of Inspectional Services, Lombard Fire Department, and the Lombard Police Department due to deliberate Hate Crimes, Discrimination, Heinous Terrorist Acts planned purposely and authorized by the Village of Lombard and the Du Page County community against Gardenia C. Hung and Robert S. Hung, as well as the Hung Family Real Estate Property in Lombard, 502 S. Westmore Avenue and Washington Blvd. in Du Page County, Illinois, USA. Keith Steiskal, from the Lombard Fire Department Bureau of Inspectional Services has filed and issued Du Page County Court Summons on Count 1, Demolition of Dangerous and Unsafe Building under a “Not Approved” Notice, unsigned, unstamped by the Village of Lombard, and posted the door of the same real estate property on April 6, 2007, without due notice before Easter Sunday during 2007.

Please take notice, for the record, that since Fall 2006, I, Gardenia C. Hung, have been planning and arranging for the Restoration, Remodeling, and Repair of the Hung Family Real Estate Property in Lombard, as evidenced by the Du Page County court filings, construction plans, estimates, damages and losses reported and submitted under Illinois and U.S. laws to the Village of Lombard, the State of Illinois, and U.S. federal law enforcement agencies under, U.S. Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Justice. To date, the Village of Lombard, et al. are to blame for unauthorized access entries into the Hung Family Real Estate Property in Lombard, as well as trespassing, hate crimes of terrorism, vandalism, and all criminal acts surrounding this Lombard real estate property at 502 S. Westmore Avenue and Washington Blvd. in Du Page County, Illinois; all the time, since 1993, while Gardenia C. Hung, the late Mr. Roberto Hung, father, Nathan S. Wittler, Robert S. Hung, and Mrs. G. Fong Ramos have not been present at home.

I am complaining as a Victim of Crime against the Village of Lombard and Keith Steiskal, from the Lombard Fire Department, in particular for violations against the Illinois Human Rights Act and Housing Act because they want Gardenia C. Hung to vacate the property, in order to condemn and demolish a Lombard Bungalow house that has been set for Restoration, Remodeling, Rehabilitation, and Construction since Fall 2006 and during 2007. I am asking for your assistance, support, and intervention as a Victim of Crime in Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois, United States of America under the State of Illinois and the U.S. Constitution.
Sincerely Yours,

My name is Gardenia C. Hung. My human rights and constitutional rights in the State of Illinois have been violated in Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois as a Lombard resident and U.S. citizen residing at 502 S. Westmore Avenue, Lombard, IL 60148-3028 USA. The following is an outline narrative report describing incidents which have violated my human rights and constitutional rights in Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois.

Village of Lombard, Town Hall Lombard Police Department
255 E. Wilson Avenue Lombard Fire Department
Lombard, IL 60148-3028 USA Lombard Bureau of Inspectional Services


I. For the record, Gardenia C. Hung has already reported this unfair and unjust incident to Rev. Herb Essig and the Friends at St. Pius X Catholic Church, since this problem took place in public, just across from St. Pius X Church where the Catholic nuns live. I asked for Community Support to report how the Lombard Police Department has unfairly arrested me and charged me criminal assault, obstructing a police officer, and resisting arrest in order to appear before Judge McKillip on September 29, 2006, 8H30, in Room 4001 at the DuPage County Judicial Center, 505 North County Farm Road, Wheaton IL 60187.

Gardenia C. Hung was walking peacefully home from the Illinois Employment and Training Center at 837 S. Westmore-Meyers Road, Lombard, IL 60148, Telephone (630) 495-4345, next to the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White Vehicle License Facility, at the Eastgate Shopping Center in Lombard when Lombard Policewoman Pam, Badge No. 710, yelled out from the white Community Police truck that I had stolen an East Indian woman’s cellular telephone at the I.E.T.C. I stopped to answer her “NO” at the corner of Adams St. and Westmore-Meyers Road in Lombard and continued walking home toward St. Pius X Church. When arrived to the front lawn of St. Pius X Church, Lombard Policeman Thiede, Benedicsen, Virene, Schrepferman and Pam, all got out of their Lombard police cars to arrest me and drop all the contents of my handbags on the green lawn, along with my yellow knapsack and my red Burberry umbrella.

During the False Arrest/Detention with Wrongful Charges, Gardenia C. Hung received visible scratches on her right hand wrist, for the record. Both of her arms were twisted and wrenched by Lombard Policeman Thiede who handcuffed her without due reasons. In addition, Lombard Policeman Thiede forcefully removed a Silver Bracelet with a Christian Cross Pendant and did not return the jewelry to Gardenia C. Hung. Gardenia C. Hung wants her Christian Cross Silver Bracelet returned for her right wrist. Moreover, all the contents of (2) two red handbags were emptied on the green lawn in front of St. Pius X Catholic Church, while the Red
Burberry umbrella was thrown on the green lawn by the Lombard Police, and they searched the yellow backpack containing water bottles and personal items. I, Gardenia C. Hung, was held under false arrest/false detention with wrongful charges at the Lombard Police Station from 5PM to 9H30-10PM without any food or water in the holding cell.

Gardenia C. Hung, does not plead guilty to Count 1, Obstructing a Peace Officer, nor Count 2, Resisting a Peace Officer, or Count 3, Assault of the Lombard Police as defined by “an open threat of bodily contact with someone without permission”. Please note that Gardenia C. Hung’s Red Burberry umbrella did not have any contact with any of the Lombard Police involved in this matter—Thiede, Benedicsen, Virene, Schrepferman, Pam, and/or Marciniak. None of the Lombard Police in this matter have been assaulted, injured or attacked by Gardenia C. Hung. While Gardenia C. Hung has been harassed, manhandled, scratched, and injured by Lombard Police Thiede who abused process for wrongful charges, false arrest/detention without foundation. The Lombard Police are at fault due to false imprisonment/detention, malicious prosecution which is to misuse the legal process to harass an individual, and interference with person by law in Illinois.

II. 18TH Judicial Circuit Court, in DuPage County, Wheaton, Illinois. Glendale Heights Field Court, Judge Thomas Dudgeon, 300 East Fullerton, Glendale Heights, Illinois, Date of Hearing Scheduled for October 19, 2006, 8H30AM. And DuPage County Judicial Center, 505 North County Farm Road, Wheaton, IL 60187, before Judge McKillip, on September 29, 2006, 8H30AM, Room 4001.

The City of Lombard has been citing Gardenia C. Hung, on behalf of the Hung Family Real Estate for (4) Four Municipal Code Violations against the Hung Family real estate property at 502 S. Westmore Avenue in Lombard, IL 60148-3028 USA, DuPage County, as follows.

(1) Lombard vs. Gardenia C. Hung, Case No.LO12418NT, served by Lombard Police Officer No. 830, Kelly, and issued by Keith Steiskal, for the Lombard Fire Department, Bureau of Inspectional Services, who are blaming and accusing Gardenia C. Hung as the Lombard resident homeowner for municipal code building violations caused by local criminals, trespasses, and vandals in Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois, as described in the attached correspondence.
(2) No Court Notice Issued Nor Received by Mail for No. LO12419NT issued by Chris Hanigan and Keith Steiskal for the Lombard Fire Department, Bureau of Inspectional Services due to General Plumbing Damages Caused by Bursting Pipes and Excess Water Pressure Ungauged by the Lombard Water Department and Public Works. Note that Chris Hanigan wants to Condemn the Hung Property Without Due Notice or Due Process or Prior Notice to Court Hearing at Glendale Heights Field Court before presiding Judge Thomas Dudgeon. Gardenia C. Hung has not received a Court Notice for this Lombard Municipal Code Violation to Date.
(3) Lombard vs. Robert Hung, Case No.2006OV005982, LO25448NT, issued by Robert G. Meyer, from the Lombard Fire Department, Bureau of Inspectional Services for Health and Sanitation Violation as noted in the enclosed copy of the ticket. Lombard Police Officer No. 830, Kelly, and Mark Gouty were forcefully asking me to sign these ticket violations at the Lombard Metra Station, early on Friday morning, June 23, 2006, (5) five days after the same were written without due notice or advise to Gardenia C. Hung, who refused to sign or accept these (2) violation charges at 8H15AM on the platform for Chicago-bound Metra in Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois.
(4) Lombard vs. Gardenia Hung, Case No.2006OV005983, LO25449NT, Lombard Police Officer No. 830, Kelly, and issued by Robert G. Meyer, from the Lombard Fire Department, Bureau of Inspectional Services. (Same as above, (2) Violations with the same wrongful charges).

Please note that Chris Hanigan and Keith Steiskal have been instigating the condemnation of the Hung Real Estate Property without Due Notice and/or Investigation of the criminal conspiracy and the criminals surrounding this Lombard property purchased by the late Mr. Robert Hung, J.D. and myself, Gardenia C. Hung, with cash retirement funds in 1996.

In addition, Chris Hanigan and Keith Steiskal and the Lombard Fire Department, Police, and DuPage County law enforcement have not notified the Hung Family ever about the criminals and the terrorism surrounding this Lombard real estate property. In spite of the attempts to communicate by Gardenia C. Hung who has been requesting appointments to meet at the Village of Lombard Board of Trustees and the Lombard Police Department, as noted by correspondence mailed, faxed, and Emailed on record requesting information and status, without any response—none of the DuPage County departments ever respond or arrange to meet Gardenia C. Hung. Neither the Lombard Fire Department nor its Bureau of Inspectional Services have helped or assisted Gardenia C. Hung, as a Lombard resident homeowner, nor as a human being during these times of crisis.

Given that the Village of Lombard, its Police Department, its Fire Department and Bureau of Inspectional Services, and DuPage County are determined to harass, blame, and abuse Gardenia C. Hung’s human rights and constitutional for whatever reason or any excuse under false arrest/detention and wrongful charges, as well as Lombard Municipal Code Violations caused by local criminals and others, please help me address and stop Lombard and DuPage County from abusing me and other resident homeowners human rights and constitutional rights. The Village of Lombard and its departments are accomplices and perpetrators of this hateful and heinous crime against Gardenia C. Hung who has been notified to appear at the 18th Judicial Circuit Court and the Glendale Heights Field Court, pending court hearings under false arrest/detention, wrongful charges by the Lombard Police Thiede, Benedicsen, Virene, Schrepferman, Policewoman Pam, Marciniak and Alice at the Lombard Police Station before presiding Judge McKillip, at the DuPage County Judicial Center in Wheaton, Illinois; in addition to threats of wrongful violations and condemnation to remove the Hung Family real estate property, instigated by Chris Hanigan and Keith Steiskal, who are at the forefront of this injustice and inequity against the Hung Family in Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois, pending court hearing before presiding Judge Thomas C. Dudgeon at the Glendale Height Field Court on September 21, 2006, and October 21, 2006.

I, Gardenia C. Hung, am a Victim of Heinous, Hate Crimes, and Discrimination in the Village of Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois. As a Victim of Crime, I am demanding Crime Victims’ Rights during 2008 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, April 13 through 19, 2008. I have been physically abused by the Lombard Police Department. I have suffered personal injury from a broken toe on my right foot, which has become a hammertoe with nail damage. In the Village of Lombard, the Police Department has trespassed while I have been sleeping in bed, to have me abused, injured, tortured, and kidnapped, in Du Page County, Illinois, USA.

During October 1991, I, Gardenia C. Hung, have been a Victim of Crime as a federal employee, medical claims examiner at the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Workman’s Compensation, 230 S. Dearborn Street, 8th Floor in Chicago, Illinois, USA. In 1991, I was abused at Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke Hospital as a patient, after I was injured at the U.S. Department of Labor by Richard Kadus, Anita Freeney, Lois Ware, and other employees under Shelene Turner, Supervisor.

I look forward to your support and assistance with God’s help. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sincerely Yours,

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A
Tuesday: 4/15/2008
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois


Under penalties as provided by law pursuant to Section 1-109 of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure, the undersigned certifies that the statements set forth in this instrument are true and correct, to the best of my ability, so help me God.

Date: April 15, 2008 Signed by Gardenia C. Hung, M.A.

Executed in the Village of Lombard, County of Du Page, in the State of Illinois,
United States of America.

by G.C. Hung, M.A., Communications, Languages & Culture, Inc.

I have volunteered more than 2008 hours, as an Illinois resident homeowner, taxpayer, and U.S. citizen in the Village of Lombard. I have always volunteered for the community and performed community services at my own expense and using the operational budget for my company, Communications, Languages & Culture, Inc., on behalf of children, young people, adults, and the elderly, even the sick, the disabled, and the feeble–in the past, currently in the present, future, and beyond…

Since I live one block away from St. Pius X Church, my local Christian Catholic Parish, at 1025 East Madison Street, in the Village of Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois, I have volunteered more than 100 hours to help and assist at church events sponsored by the Catholic Council of Women, at the Shrine of Mary Immaculate Queen for rosary prayers, Eucharistic adoration, services, including supporting Elizabeth Ministry during the Living Rosary, Making Tie-Knot Baby Blankets, and the St. Pius X School and CCW, serving chili dogs, pizza, chili burgers, hot dogs during the Christmas Magic Bazaar, Chili Night, Christmas decorations, and singing with the Adult Choir during the year. I have volunteered to perform and help the Adult Choir with Joel Everett and Jean Ceithaml. Also, I have helped the Council of Catholic Women during events for the Magic Craft Show and Raffle, Chili Night, Elizabeth Ministry services for baby blankets, attendance, Holy Rosary, Christmas Holiday Decoration. On Sundays, I have assisted Jeff to find missing car keys left behind the church pew and return the same keys to the rightful owner.

The Friends of the Helen M. Plum Library remember me as a member of the Library Board and a volunteer editor for the quarterly newsletter, the Christmas Wreath Contest, the Annual Book Sale, and other library community events in Lilac Town.

The Lombard Garden Club welcomed me as one of their own flowers and invited me to present my garden travelogue of the Jenny Butchart Gardens, the Montréal Botanical Gardens, and my own experience as a gardener and resident homeowner. I have also volunteered during the Lombard Lilac Festival and helped to give away free Lilac bushes, pruned, cleaned, and delivered to visitors’ cars at the Lilacia Park driveway. In addition, as a Friend of the Parks, I have helped to garden, weed, and clean-up for Spring at the Lombard Historical Society with other gardeners.

The Friends of the Sheldon Peck Homestead in Lombard, invited me to visit them and join them for events at the log cabin. I have volunteered to help in handstitching a patch for a homemade quilt in Lombard.

Later the Lombard Service League asked me to join them as the LSL Newsletter editor and volunteer participant to promote community events at the Lexington Square Retirement Center.
The Village of Lombard invited me to participate in the Community Relations Workshop and TV Channel 6 media training seminar for broadcasting and publishing events for the community-at-large.

As Faculty at the College of Du Page, I volunteered extra time after regular work hours for the Latin American Committee and the European Heritage Committee, as well as for the Nursing Program featuring Spanish for Health Care Communication Professionals in the medical field.

The American Red Cross has trained and certified me as a volunteer to provide First Aid, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Advanced Electronic Defibrillator (AED) assistance for first medical responders. I have helped to save lives in the community by providing emergency care and American Red Cross assistance.

Others have benefited from my community volunteer support for law enforcement agencies locally, statewide, and nationally as a member of the Illinois Sheriff Association, for many years in the Village of Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois.

In Wheaton, I have volunteered for Holy Cross Lutheran Church located at 802 E. Geneva Road, to help in the Global Assistance Program providing Tie-a-Knot Blankets made by the women at church with their own hands. I have also attended the Sibelius Music Festival during the summer and participated in the musical concerts sponsored by Finlandia University at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

In addition, I have been a Court Advocate and Friend of the Court in Wheaton, at the 18th Judicial Circuit Court, Du Page Judicial Center.

Also, I have offered my communication skills and language services for translation to the National Lodge at the Theosophical Society of America in Wheaton.

As a Lombard resident homeowner, taxpayer, and U.S. citizen, I have always supported my local public schools, Westmore Elementary School and St. Pius X Catholic School.

During my active years of teaching kindergarten, elementary, high school, and college students, I have volunteered endless hours for young people and the elderly alike. As a college student, I volunteered for senior citizens during a graduate project for the American Gerontological Association and Chicago-area hospitals and nursing homes. I also volunteered in Chinatown for the Chinese-American Service League.

In addition, I have also volunteered for professional associations who remember me as an active member at the Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Conference Committee Chair for Public Relations, at the Chicago Area Translators Association, at the American Translators Association, French and Spanish Language Divisions, and at the Federation of International Translators, around the world.

During 2007 and 2008, I am volunteering to present the proposal presentation for discussion about: The Chinese Concepts of “Shih” in Contrast to “Hsüe” in English for Translation and Cultural Diversity, at the XVIII World Congress of the International Federation of Translators, Translation and Cultural Diversity, August 4-7, 2008, Shanghai, China. I have been researching and developing this topic to discuss linguistic concepts in translation and cultural diversity, into English. Translation and Cultural diversity offer insights about how language is used in the community.

Throughout the years, I have volunteered for the City of Chicago – Office of the Mayor, the Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Humanities Festival, and other community groups who have shared my time at Northeastern Illinois University, St. Augustine College, Oakton Community College, etc.

Since I usually have to pay cash for my own volunteer services, using my personal income, and my own company resources, equipment, and budget for Communications, Languages & Culture, Inc., I cannot say that I have failed to perform my civic duties as an Illinois resident homeowner, taxpayer, and U.S. citizen.

As I am getting older, lacking in resources and transportation to pay for my own volunteer services, I am very selective when I offer my time to volunteer for the community-at-large. However, those who see me walking around and volunteering willingly to help others, cannot say that I have failed to do my duty as a community service volunteer in the past, present, future, and beyond…here, there, and everywhere…

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