East Meets West In Chicago

When I was working in Chicago for legal court interpreting and translation, I was assigned to the State of Illinois Building, also known as the James R. Thompson Center, for the Industrial Commission Arbitration hearings about Workman’s Compensation. One day, I was in the Ladies’ Room and I met a woman called Carmen Kenny, a Hispanic woman who was married to the Irishman Mr. Kenny, who managed Kenny Construction in the Chicagoland area. Carmen Kenny was interested in working with me and hiring me for Certified Legal Interpreting and Translation, as well as Illinois Notary Public work in Cook County. So, Carmen Kenny and I decided to work together with the lawyers, court reporters, and the legal community at the Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois Bar Association. Thus, Carmen and I, became working associates at the Illinois Industrial Commission with attorneys, paralegals, court reporters, and the legal community in the Chicagoland area.

Since Carmen Kenny lived in Arlington Heights, I used to visit her at home when I delivered Certified Notarized Translations to her, in person—driving from Chicago and later, from the Village of Lombard in York Township, Du Page County, Illinois.

Carmen Kenny was also a full-time member at the East Bank Club,500 N Kingsbury St, Chicago, IL 60654, where she invited me to be a Guest with her for fitness, health, and social networking. I have always been athletic and interested in fitness training, weight lifting, track and field running, jogging, swimming, tennis, volleyball, cycling, cardiovascular treadmill, aerobics, gymnastics, parallel bars, tumbling, martial arts, judo, hapkido, tai chi, self-defense for women, etc. When I moved to the Village of Lombard, I started working out, jogging, and lifting weights at my Mother’s home on Harrison Street near Finley Road and Elizabeth St. My brother Robert S. Hung purchased a Body Weight Lifting Set for his personal weight lifting and body building training at home. So, I used to visit my Mother after work or on weekends, and spend my own personal time weight lifting and body training with heavy weights 60lbs or more added as I went along developing weight training fitness. Over the years, I have done a lot of athletic training for fitness, health, and weight lifting for body building based on balanced nutrition, Carnitin fat burners, and other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for health and fitness which my youngest brother recommended.

During the years, Carmen Kenny and I worked together, we got to know each other better and helped each other a lot during the time we worked together in legal, medical, and technical interpreting and translation. I was also commissioned as an Illinois Notary Public in Cook County. She was involved in Modeling, Interior Design, in addition to legal interpreting and translation work. She was also working with Cosmopolitan Interpreting Escorts at the Monadnock Building, at the corner of Dearborn and Jackson, Downtown Chicago.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications