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Lombard Real Estate in Du Page Co. Photo by G. Hung — National Geographic Your Shot.

In September I was a freshman college student at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) starting the Fall semester of the year 1977. My Father, Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor wanted me to attend NEIU because he worked at Felt-Products Inc. nearby at McCormick Boulevard and Touhy in Skokie, Illinois. The Felt-Pro Corporation included the college children of employees in the Mecklenburger Scholarship benefits.

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, Felt Products was originally a parts supplier for the Ford Model T, Felt Products Manufacturing Co. was founded on the North Side in 1918 by Hugo Herz and his son-in-law Albert Mecklenburger. Later renamed Fel-Pro, the company remained family-owned until it was sold in 1998 to Federal-Mogul Corp. of Southfield, Mich., which subsequently went into bankruptcy reorganization. (All three families who ran Fel-Pro at the time of the Federal-Mogul deal are descended by blood or by marriage from Mr. Herz.)

Fel-Pro, which had 2,700 employees and 11 plants making gaskets for internal combustion engines, sold for $720 million.

Softer side: Fel-Pro regularly headed lists of companies offering generous employee benefits. There were fitness and day care centers at the Skokie plant, as well as a children’s summer camp and recreation area spanning 250 acres near Cary. Fel-Pro paid for tutors for employees’ children and sponsored scholarships. There were company-paid lawyers and psychologists on site to counsel employees, and even an artist-in-residence program.

The company contended the extras weren’t expensive. “At Fel-Pro, 93 cents of every benefit dollar went to standard things like pensions and profit-sharing and health care and vacation. That’s what automakers are struggling to fund today,” says Ken Lehman.

“All the other things cost just 7 cents out of every benefit dollar.” Even so, many of the old perks have been dismantled since the sale”.

Nowadays: Kenneth Lehman is managing partner of a family investment concern, KKP Group LLC in Evanston, and is on the board of the family’s charitable organization, the New Prospect Foundation, which has assets of about $20 million. He is also chairman of Winning Workplaces, a non-profit that consults on workplace issues. He’s on the boards of both Care USA, an international relief organization, and Public Radio International. Public station WBEZ-FM in Chicago named its studios the Lehman Family Public Radio Center.

David Weinberg promotes charter schools in Chicago. Paul Lehman heads Austin Lehman Adventures, which sponsors off-the-beaten-path vacations.

Dennis Kessler is a principal in Family Business Innovations, which assists private firms with succession planning, and Kessler Management Consulting LLC, both in Northbrook, Illinois.

My Father, Mr. Roberto Hung was a full-time employee at the Felt-Products Corporation until 1996, for twenty-two (22) years in Skokie, Illinois USA.

I was referred to the NEIU Financial Aid Department for Work Study as an Assistant Student Aide for the Veterans Administration GI Scholarship managed by Mrs. Annette Cohn, Shirley Levin.

In addition, I was to help the Computer Analyst Marie Liszewski Ruiz with NEIU Student Financial Aid Reports, provide student aide support to Marilyn Kuhn, and also assist Angie Pappas at the Reception Desk, Kathy Crane, George A. West and Frank Solano, David Hefland at the Career Counseling Center and other Civil Service staff who worked at Northeastern Illinois University, 5500 N. St. Louis, B Wing, Chicago, Illinois 60625 USA.

Lombard Criminal Roofing Water Damages and Losses To Private Real Estate Property

Re: Village of Lombard Owes Compensation, Restitution, and Reimbursement of Equity and Real Estate Property Value to Mrs. Gardenia C. Hung-Wittler, Lombard resident homeowner as Illinois Victims of Heinous Hate Crimes on legal grounds for justice and fairness in the Enforcement of the Illinois Victims of Crimes Act National Amendment due to Lombard Real Estate Property Criminal Roofing Water Damages & Losses, Theft of Personal, Family, and Business Property Resources incurred by Lombard resident homeowner Mrs. Gardenia C. Hung-Wittler, surviving daughter of Mr. Roberto Hung, Juris Doctor, at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, Post Office Box 1274, in DuPage County, Illinois 60148-3028, United States of America.

Attention: Village of Lombard Board of Trustees, Bill Mueller, Brigitte O’Brien, Greg Gron, Keith Giagnorio, Zachary Wilson, Peter Breen, Laura Fitzpatrick, William Ware, Lombard Community-at-large, Chicago Police Superintendent Gary F. McCarthy, Lombard Police and Fire Department, Du Page State’s Attorney Robert Berlin, Homeowners Association, ReMax Achievers Realtor Kathy Volpe :

Greetings during March 19, 2012. My name is Gardenia C. Hung-Wittler, Lombard resident homeowner at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard. I am petitioning Illinois Victims of Heinous Hate Crimes Compensation, Restitution, and Reimbursement for Lombard Real Estate Property Criminal Roofing Water Damages & Losses , Theft of Personal, Family, and Business Property Resources owned by Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor, Daughter Gardenia C. Hung-Wittler. I have been writing to the Village of Lombard Board of Trustees and other law enforcement agencies on behalf of the Estate of Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor and Surviving Family Members who have become Lombard Victims of Heinous Hate Crimes since the purchase of Du Page Real Estate Property on September 2, 1993. I do hereby petition Illinois Victim of Crimes Compensation with Equity and Real Estate Property Value as a Lombard real estate property owner in District 5, Du Page County, Illinois, USA.


(Reserved Signature)
G.C. Hung-Wittler
March 19, 2012

17 July is International Criminal Justice Day​ationalCriminalJusticeDay
International Criminal Justice Day
The international community is determined to fight against impunity, bring justice to victims and deter future atrocities. The success of the emerging system of international criminal justice, which aims to complement and reinforce national justice systems…, depends on the vocal support of all those that believe in justice. Citizens around the world, students, teachers, professors, politicians, lawyers, non-governmental organizations and civil society in general, governments and international organizations are encouraged to make their voices heard. We invite all those who are committed to this vision of international justice to celebrate International Criminal Justice Day! Whether you are looking to share the great event you have planned or are in need of inspiration, this page is for you. Don’t hesitate to get involved: ideas for individuals, ideas for groups, ideas for this year or next – we welcome them all. In the spirit of the conference in Rome and the Review Conference in Kampala, we encourage active and respectful discussion.

June 10, 2010: Before Lombard Criminal Disaster

Gardenia C. | MySpace Video

Lombard Caused Criminal Disaster & Tragedy for the Hung Family from G. Hung Fong on Vimeo.


My name is Gardenia C. Hung, victim of abuse, heinous hate crimes as a Lombard resident homeowner at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road in DuPage County, Illinois 60148. I have been writing to report crimes commited by the Village Lombard Police Department and Keith Steiskal, from the Lombard Fire Department. On November 5, 2008, Keith Steikal demolished my Lombard house and I am homeless. Since November 5, 2008, I have been incurring expenses and out-of-pocket charges to include a current Mastercard credit card bill in the amount of $2,187.54 for hotel lodging and additional telephone charges in the amount of $65.00 a month. The Village of Lombard and George Seagraves refuse to pay any other expenses as a result of the demolition of my Lombard real estate property, personal and professional assets, equipment, clothing, and household goods. I have been reporting that the Village of Lombard wants me to pay for all the demolition expenses as a Lombard homeowner. I do not have any money to pay any of those demolition expenses or any other out-of-pocket expenses charged by the Village of Lombard and DuPage County. At this time, I have not seen my brother Robert Santiago Hung Fong or my mother Mrs. Gardenia Fong Ramos with an alias name now, nor my former husband Nathan Scott Wittler Patriquin, though they are staying in DuPage County, Illinois. None of my family relatives or friends call me. The Village of Lombard refuses to call, write, or answer any of my inquiries. I have not received any responses from anyone about the crimes committed by the Village of Lombard and other accomplices in DuPage County, Illinois. Please help me resolve these criminal issues caused by the Village of Lombard Police Department and Keith Steiskal with the Lombard Fire Department. I can be reached by telephone and/or mail since I am currently in the Village of Lombard area and residing in DuPage County, Illinois.


Signed by Gardenia C. Hung
Post Office Box 1274
502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road
Lombard, Illinois 60148
Tel. 630-201-9055

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