On Wednesday afternoon, I was feeling particularly good about life in general, when I decided to have a cup of tea with honey and two lemon slices at the Whole Foods Market in Edgewater. Around 4:30PM, I walked into my local Whole Foods store and found my favorite table empty with only one chair, for me… When I noticed that beside me was a young white blond woman talking to an older Scottish gentleman who was hovering over a Scotch on ice. The young woman left the green grocery cart right beside me and walked away quickly… I noticed that the older Scottish gentleman was stooping over on the left side, hunched over, unable to move, while he was sitting over his Happy Hour drink.

I stood up from my chair and decided to move the Whole Foods green grocery cart out of the way, beside me, and found the old man’s walking cane on the handle of the cart. So, I took he walking cane and placed on the empty chair for the young white woman to find it, upon her return from grocery shopping for the Scottish gentleman. I was feeling good, kind, and thoughtful on Wednesday afternoon, while I was sipping my afternoon tea.

The older man looked away from his drink and noticed that I moved the green grocery cart away from the table and placed his walking cane on the chair in front of him. Then I sat down to have my afternoon tea.

When the young white blond returned, she looked happy and glad to sit down to chat with the older man, while she brought him his dessert for the afternoon. They both seemed to be enjoying their afternoon meeting and sweet dessert treat at the Whole Foods Market in the Edgewater neighborhood on Broadway.

While they were enjoying each other’s company, I stepped away from my table and afternoon tea to the Ladies’ Room, leaving my table clean.

When I returned, the young blond woman was standing by my table, writing over a gift package, “This Is For You, Enjoy It. It Is Already Paid For By Me”.

Thanks! I said to her and looked at the older gentleman with a smile and gladness.

They decided to reward my previous gesture with a fresh Traditional Panettone Made With Creamery Butter & Cage-Free Eggs. How Thoughtful of The Young Blond Woman!

THANK YOU! I said again to the young white woman. She must have noticed how I removed the green Whole Market Foods grocery cart away and placed the older gentleman’s walking cane on the chair for her to find it, upon her return.

I had a Christian blessing on Wednesday and a gift of kindness.

Traditional Panettone From Italy has the freshest creamery butter and cage-free eggs, as well as orange candied peel, moist raisins, and dried fruit. Panettone is not just a holiday fruit bread, but also a sweet rich buttery dessert that melts in your mouth. It goes well with Italian Roast Coffee from the Coffee Shop at the Whole Foods Market in Edgewater. I was ready for a tasty Italian treat–among my favorite sweet fruit bread desserts!

Thanks Be To God On Wednesday, October 5, 2016!

Whole Foods Market In The Edgewater Neighborhood On Broadway and Elmdale St.
By Lake Michigan In Illinois USA

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications