1 lb. Shrimp Cooked, Artic Shores
1 cup of Grape Tomatoes Diced
2 ribs of Fresh Celery Diced
2 white scallions diced
Blueberries for Garnish
Salt and Lemon Pepper To Taste
Olive Oil To Taste
One Green Lime
Herbs and Spices To Taste

Parboil the shrimp with salt for 5 minutes.  Rinse the shrimp and season with salt and lemon pepper, your favorite herbs and spices for shrimp.  Add grape tomatoes diced, fresh celery diced, white scallions diced, fresh cilantro diced.  Mix vegetables with olive oil and add the shrimp seasoned with salt and lemon pepper, herbs and spices to taste, squeezing the juice of a fresh green lime.  Garnish with fresh blueberries.  Refrigerate before serving this Red, White and Blue Shrimp Salad.  Serve chilled.  Courtesy of G.C. Hung, original recipe.