Ines Caloisi May 1 at 1:22pm Reply
Dear ALL,

I’d like to invite you to the European Citizens’ Convention that will be held in Rome at University Roma Tre organized by MFE ( European Federalist Movement)-
I enclose the fb weblink to visualize the event!/group.php?gid=204445492816&ref=ts
and the website
It could be a good chance to support a European event connected to Human rights !
All the best


un invito a partecipare alla Convenzione Europea dei Beni Pubblici e diritti comuni organizzata dal Movimento Federalista Europeo.
Prego visitate il link di fb per i dettagli!/group.php?gid=204445492816&ref=ts
e il sito web online
Un altro modo per sostenere e promuovere i diritti umani,

Ines Caloisi May 4 at 5:59am Reply
The Permanent Forum of European civil society,
which includes representatives of organizations
involved in defending and developing the
European Union, met in Brussels on April 25, 2010.
Faithful to the spirit of the Schuman Declaration
of 9 May 1950 which gave birth to the European
Union, the Forum wanted to learn from the
current EU situation characterized by a deep crisis,
both financial, economic, social and therefore
The participants were eager to give substance to
the desire expressed by Member States to
“continue the process of creating an ever closer
Union among the peoples of Europe.”
To do this, they believe that the Lisbon Treaty
must be implemented, completed and updated in
a democratic, transparent and efficient manner
with the help of civil society. Therefore, they
decided to initiate a process aiming to convene a
“renovated convention” like those prior to both
the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the
Constitutional Treaty. This “renovated convention”
will allow the representative political
forces of democracy, at national and European
levels, to formulate concrete solutions to the
collective needs of European citizens and residents
by giving the EU the political, legislative and
financial resources to ensure the Union-wide
collective goods and rights.
Brussels, May 5, 2010.
Square de Meeus, 25 – BE 1000 Bruxelles (Belgique)
Téléphone : + (32) 2 508 30 84 – Fax + (32) 2 508 30 89
Avenue du Rond Point, 10 – BE-1330 Rixensart (Belgique)
Téléphone & Fax : +32 2 652 27 82
Courriel :