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 “Where is the inlingua international office in Chicago?”

Inlingua School of Languages in Chicago is still located at the corner of 200 West Madison Street and Wells Street, by the CTA “L” Brown Line Madison Station, in the West Loop, Downtown Chicago, Illinois 60606, Telephone (312) 641-0488. There are Spanish classes, French classes, German classes, Italian classes, Portuguese classes, Chinese classes, Japanese classes and many other opportunities for diverse multicultural experiences. Inlingua will have you speaking in your new language from the very first class!

Inlingua international is one of the world’s leading language training organizations boasting 322 language centers in 37 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. The global availability of inlingua centers ensures that language learners everywhere are taught according to the same method and in the same high quality. Over five decades, inlingua has helped millions of clients at more than 300 language centers located around the world.

Inlingua’s global strategy and contacts, balanced with local proximity to the customer make a perfect combination of vision and action which embodies the inlingua system. Inlingua was founded in 1968 as a Swiss company, forty-six years ago.

Twenty (20) years ago, I was contacted by Kelly Kelean, Director at inlingua school of languages in Chicago, while I was a Lombard resident homeowner at 502 South Westmore Avenue at the corner of Washington Boulevard in District 5, York Township, Du Page County, Illinois 60148-3028 USA. Kelly Kelean called me from her Chicago Office because inlingua international was hiring language consultants to teach and train clients to speak French, Spanish, English, Portuguese and other languages in 1994. During the telephone call, Kelly Kelean asked me to drive into Chicago and complete the inlingua employment forms to work as a language consultant teaching and training clients in foreign languages and cross-cultural immersion experiences. Since I was already a Certified Legal Interpreter and Translator, Kelly Kelean suggested that I also speak to Kara and Tara at the inlingua interpreting and translation division downtown in Chicago. Kelly Kelean, Director at inlingua Chicago also introduced me to Joyce, the Chief Executive Director at the Chicago Office. I was hired immediately as a Mobile Inlingua Consultant who commuted driving to visit clients on-site in order to teach and train the students in other languages and cultures at work. I was offered Part-Time employment with an hourly wage of $18 per hour, plus car travel expenses such as gasoline, parking, Illinois tollway fees, etc. Kelly Kelean did not provide inlingua health insurance benefits or pension plans for me as an inlingua commuting language consultant, interpreter or translator when she hired me in 1994 to work for inlingua international Chicago.

Kelly Kelean had French-American corporate business clients who were investing in their employees French language skills and multicultural training for deployment overseas. For instance, American National Can was based in Rosemont near O’Hare Airport which required for me to travel on-site at the corporate headquarters to teach French languages and culture to Management and the Human Resources Division employees who were planning to be transferred to Paris, France.

After I succeeded in completing all my inlingua language assignments which included teaching, cross-cultural training, interpreting, and translating in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English, Kelly Kelean and Joyce referred me to another inlingua consulting location at Public Access Information, also known as PIA, Inc. in the River North area, at the corner of 810 North Orleans Street and Chicago Avenue, next to the Grainger Building at 820 North Orleans Street, near the Cabrini Green neighborhood. The Office of Tourism for the State of Illinois had a Touch Network Project with Lee Seitelman, the Principal software developer in Oak Park, partner of Scott Parent’s French-American enterprise in Chicago which used multilingual Touch Kiosks providing Illinois Travel Tourism Information for travelers, customers, clients, and hotel guests in Chicago, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Miami, etc. PIA Inc. was employing Multilingual Translators On-Site For Post-Machine Translation provided by Lee Seitelman, Patrick Dimperio, Larry Goldstick, David, Graphic Designer Larry, Alison, Mike, Lead Salesman Glen Koltz, Salesman Larry, Kiosk Runner Eric, and the Public Accountant Tony Ruzicka from Westmont, Du Page County, Illinois.

While I was working for PIA, Inc. in the River North area, commuting and driving long-distance from Lombard in Du Page County, I met Patty Jacobs who was a Spanish translator living in Glendale Heights with her husband Bob Jacobs and her two sons.   Patty Jacobs has studied Spanish in Honduras and was a member of the Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association (CHICATA). Patty Jacobs and I worked together for the Public Access Information Inc. Touch Network during the State of Illinois Office of Tourism Touch Kiosk Project in 1994.

This inlingua language consulting on-location assignment required Post-Editing Machine Translation from English into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and German on-site for the State of Illinois Office of Tourism Touch Kiosks for Travelers, Hotel Guests, Customers, Clients, and the General Public. I was hired as the Language Coordinator and Post-Editor for Machine Translation in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.

However, I was hired by inlingua for an hourly rate of only $18 an hour without any health insurance benefits, pension or vacation time to work on-location for PIA, Inc. in the River North area, next to the Grainger’s Building. The Shakespeare Theatre Company used to be located in the same building. In addition, the Culinary Institute of Chicago and SRAM at 1333 North Kingsbury, was across the street from this building parking lot, where my GEO TRACKER was parked and vandalized while I worked for PIA Inc. in Chicago from 1994 through 2000, for six years.






There is a unique place in town where you can find Almond Nougat made by Casa Real, also known as "Turrón Imperial de Almendras de calidad suprema". LA UNICA Food Store imports special almond nougat and specialty confectioners’ foods all year round, especially to celebrate Christmas’ Eve and the holidays at the end of the year.

LA UNICA also has a Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Restaurant which prepares Latin American favorite meals to dine-in or carry out, including Catering for Special Events.

There is a wide choice of Latin American variety foods from Cuba, México, Perú, Spain, Ecuador, Salvador, Colombia, etc. Order anything you can remember to taste from milk shakes made from mangoes, mamey, blackberry, lulo, papaya, passion fruit, guanaba to Vegan favorites like natural carrot juice or orange juice.

LA UNICA Special features Cuban Steak, Chicken, Rice, Beans, and Fried Sweet Plantains. Many Cuban fans order the favored Cuban Sandwich prepared upon request with fresh French bread stuffed with Smoked Ham, Roasted Pork, Melting Swiss Cheese, Pickles, Mustard & Mayonnaise, pressed in a hot grill for a mouthful of Cuban Sandwich panini.

Forty (40) years ago, family relatives, cousins Yolanda Wong Fen and Fernando Wong who shopped regularly at LA UNICA introduced my Father Roberto Hung and Mother to the original Cuban-American owner at LA UNICA who showcased Cuban-American food specialties like Sandwich Cubano, Guava Pastries, and Almond Nougat Imperial Torte imported from Spain. Ever since, I have remained a loyal fan and customer of LA UNICA’s unique Spanish American food specialties, since I used to work for a Travel Agency School with Fabiola along Clark Street, in the Edgewater area by LA UNICA Latin American Food Store and Restaurant…–xyJI4sQ

Courtesy: GHung’s Blog, WordPress.

Courtesy: GHung’s Blog, WordPress.

Courtesy: GHung’s Blog, WordPress.

All my Athletic Gym Shoes have been attacked by a Psycho who Damages the Left Foot Shoe Rim and Slices my Athletic Gym Shoe with a Sharp Device. The New Athletic Gym Shoes suffer from the Attack by a Psycho Maniac who persecutes me and tracks down my Shoes and Steals Them, even when they are in storage or in a room safe from outsiders. Psycho usually gets household room keys and trespasses private spaces to damage my Athletic Gym Shoes and personal clothing.

The first time Psycho attacked my Athletic Gym Shoes I was staying on St. Charles Road in Villa Park, DuPage County, Illinois USA. My new White Athletic Gym Shoes had a Blue Trim and Rhinestones. Well, Psycho Sliced my White Gym Shoes with A Blade while I was working at the Deicke Home for the Retarded preparing Lunch for the residents in Lombard.

Psycho Maniac also Steals My Clothes and Business Computer Equipment Allowed by Keith Steiskal and Lombard Police Marilyn Gabinski, while DuPage County 18th Judicial Circuit Court and Cook County Circuit Court do not contact me as an Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes in the Village of Lombard, in care of Gardenia C. Hung, Post Office Box 1274, Lombard Illinois 60148-8274 USA.

The motorcycle mechanic JonJon at Champion Cycle Center Inc. also damaged my motorcycle Derbi 2003 Boulevard 150 CC, after I paid Julio Aquino and manager Larry Wolf, who knows that the Service Manager José Rivera was found guilty by the City of Chicago for Consumer Service Fraud. Even Northlake lawyer Bob Gornik at the Law Firm of David, Berns and Associates was fined in contempt of court for obstruction of justice.

My Lombard historic brick bungalow was also damaged and ruined by Lombard Real Estate Hate Crimes arranged for Criminal Disaster Roofing Water Damages and Losses at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard after RE/MAX Realtor Kathy Volpe sold Mrs. Stebens’ (Ahrens) Lombard home for the neighbor adjacent to my Lombard backyard and garden.

For Your Information and Intervention. IMPORTANT! URGENT!

Turkish Festival 2012 at the Daley Plaza in Chicago, Illinois USA

American Flag at the Arts and Crafts Booth for the Turkish Festival 2012

American Flag at the Turkish Festival, Daley Plaza, September 12, 2012, Chicago, Illinois USA
Turkish Festival

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