Sunday is a good day to remember friends one has not seen for the last forty (40) years. The best surprises are unexpected and out of the blue someone reaches out to contact you from years past, and then one starts to recall about the last time you were sociable and friendly–May 27, 1977, at Madonna High School Graduation Day–forty years ago.

Oh! Only Facebook can transcend the years, distance, and procrastination to make it possible for someone to communicate with former classmates during a moment in time. Even a nanosecond on a mobile phone can seem like a lifetime. One can easily miss the Facebook Messenger call or the mobile cellular telephone number.

Hello! The Messenger brought me out of a summer reverie and into a 40-year time lapse. What happened during the last 40 years?

Facebook Messenger allows Friends and subscribers to contact each other via text Chat, a telephone call or face-to-face by means, of a Video Chat. One can record VOX and even leave a Voice Message. Then, wait for a response call, just like a telephone.

It can be immediate to Chat or it may take a whole week to get a Facebook Message.

When the time comes to meet after 40 years–it seems like a lifetime has passed already and reality checks in one’s mind.

What happened in forty (40) years, one starts to wonder? Time does fly from the year 1977 to the year 2017. People also recall “remembrances of things past”, just like the French writer Marcel Proust did in his novel.

Life is not a dream. Reality Check. Thanks for the memories!

Gardenia C. Hung