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During Thanksgiving, in November 2008 and 2009, I have volunteered for the Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner at the Parkview Community Church with Henry W. Hochstatter, located at 764 St. Charles Road, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137, Email:, Telephone: 630.469.4306. The first year, Scott, the coordinator, along with Reverend Mike McDuffy, encouraged everyone attending during the Sunday morning service, to sign-up and help for the free Thanksgiving Community Dinner.

The first time, I remembered that Henry W. Hochstatter signed-up to volunteer for the Kitchen Clean-Up and I also helped cleaning up the dining room, after the Thanksgiving Luncheon at the Parkview Community Church in Glen Ellyn, DuPage County, Illinois.

Later during the year in 2009, Henry W. Hochstatter’s 1996 Toyota SUV developed a broken transmission gearshift and needed financial assistance to pay the $800.00 repair and replacement costs at the Next Generation Auto Shop in Villa Park, managed by his cousin, mechanic Bobby Pickerill. By the grace of God, the Parkview Community Church offered financial assistance to Henry W. Hochstatter with $200.00 from the Sunday collection to help him pay the Toyota SUV transmission gearshift repair and replacement.

So, it was not surprising that during November 2009, Henry W. Hochstatter volunteered again for Kitchen Clean-Up after the free Thanksgiving Community Luncheon at the Parkview Community Church in Glen Ellyn.

During Thanksgiving in November 2009, I also registered to help at the Parkview Community Church, stationed at the Welcome Reception Table for registration verification, and also afterwards for Kitchen Clean-Up duties. I remembered that David was seating nearby and Sidney Williams came to say “Hi!” and talk in the background with Henry W. Hochstatter. Afterwards, Betty, the church receptionist sat by me to keep company during the Thanksgiving Luncheon rush hour.

Two years have passed since then and in 2010, Henry W. Hochstatter has changed a lot since he has been working with brake-bleeding for the Next Generation Auto Shop managed by his cousin mechanic Bobby Pickerill. In 2010, Henry W. Hochstatter does not want to spend Thanksgiving with the Parkview Community Church in Glen Ellyn this year. Nor does Henry W. Hochstatter want to spend Thanksgiving with a very close friend who has been helping him during his homelessness after his separation from his second wife, followed by divorce in 2010. In two years, people can change and not volunteer, the way they used to do so. It is unfortunate that Henry W. Hochstatter has changed so much in his community service since he moved to Villa Park near his family.

While I have been helping Henry William Hochstatter during 2009 and 2010, I had to move his personal, household, and work belongings from his home at 437 Natalie Lane in Addison, Illinois, more than six (6) times, using UHAUL trucks from Addison and Villa Park in DuPage County.. First, Henry W. Hochstatter moved out of the Addison home into a U-Store-It on Lake Street, near Swift Road. Afterwards, I also helped him move into InTown Residential Suites, on the first floor, then he wanted to move again to the second floor, up the stairs and by the elevator where there were rooms for disabled people. During 2009, Henry W. Hochsttatter had left other furniture and belongings at UHAUL, and at the Addison home, so he had to move the remaining household and work tools into a bigger U-Store-It Unit. So, I helped him again to move from Unit #200 to a bigger unit directly across the road at U-Store-It in Addison, Illinois. During 2009, I spent a lot of time helping Henry W. Hochstatter in his Community Service and volunteering at the Christian Church of Villa Park , at the Parkview Community Church in Glen Ellyn . Also, I was helping Henry W. Hochstatter to visit his Mother Rosave Handy, while her husband Ken Handy was attending to her at Lexington Health Care Center in Bloomingdale .

Since Henry W. Hochstatter was unemployed and homeless, he offered to help his Cousins Chuck Pickerill at UHAUL in Addison where Karen Pickerill managed the facility with Kathy Nolet and Mickey, her son, and in Villa Park, where his Uncle Charlie Pickerill worked with Justin and John, in addition to working with Bobby Pickerill at the Next Generation Auto Shop, 194B W. Roosevelt Road in Villa Park, Illinois. Afterwards, I started to help Henry drive the UHAUL truck transporters and help Uncle Charlie Pickerill drive back his Avalanche Truck and the Lincoln Town Car, including Chuck Pickerill SUV back from the UHAUL runs to Addison and Villa Park in DuPage County.

Later in November 2009, after Uncle Charlie collapsed and had a heart attack at UHAUL in Addison, I helped Henry W. Hochstatter moved out of the second floor at InTown Suites and up the stairs to the second floor, into the King Construction Building at 140 W. St. Charles Road, in Villa Park. Henry W. Hochstatter is still moving furniture, household, and heavy tools cabinets, chest of drawers, wooden trunks, and sofas during 2010.

For the last two (2) years, I have been getting sick with backaches from all the moving that Henry W. Hochstatter has been doing around DuPage County, Illinois.

Gardenia C. Hung is still volunteering at the York Senior Community Center during January 2010.

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