The Village of Lombard Water Service Department managed by Sharon Meyers has a water bill for $118.00US which was being used by Keith Steiskal at the Building Permits Departments to deny a building permit purchase requested by the Zees Group Disaster Restoration Services, in care of Mr. Zee Kawa, contractor, . Even when there was No Water, No Sewage, and No Water Service since 2004, 2005, when the Lombard plumbing pipes burst under ungauged and excessive water pressure released by the Village of Lombard Public Works, there was No Water or Sewage Service at 502 S. Westmore Avenue —the Village of Lombard had already installed new PSI valves to monitor water pressure for Lombard water mains which overflow to cause plumbing failure, water flooding and damages,

The Village of Lombard adds surcharges, overcharges, and triple the water service charges and sewage utilities billing for resident homeowners in DuPage County, Illinois, USA. Lombard even overbills resident homeowners for water utility services as part of the consumer service fraud practice at the Village of Lombard Town Hall in DuPage County, Illinois USA. Waterbill padding for surcharges, overbilling, and surplus service charges are a common business deceptive practice used by the Village of Lombard to collect additional funding from resident homeowners in DuPage County, Illinois USA. A Lombard water bill can duplicate or triplicate consumer usage per household based on surcharges and overbilling service charges attached for deceptive business practices in the Town Hall, subject to consumer service fraud,, in DuPage County, Illinois USA.