Right by the Ogilvie Transportation Center on Madison Street, you can hail a cab or take a CTA bus, even the Union Pacific Railroad…But, “Where is the Chicago Water Taxi?” Commuters looking for a Chicago River water-ride have to wait for the Water Taxi, starting at 6:45 a.m. by the Madison Street Bridge. A Chicago Water Taxi takes you down the steps into the Boarding Pier and the Ticket Booth where you can purchase a One-Way Water Ride for $3.00 to Michigan Avenue, LaSalle/Clark or all the way to Chinatown. If you have All Day, you can spend $7.00 for an All-Day Pass provided by the Chicago Water Taxi. The Schedule is posted on the wall…in small print. After you have purchased your Chicago Water-Taxi Pass, you have to wait for the water-ride pick-up to come along the Chicago River… Commuters may stand waiting in line or sit down a long-time waiting for a ride on a Chicago Water-Taxi. “Where is the Attendant?” “ Is Anybody There?”