Facebook Friend Brian Nicholas Campbell was born in Valencia, Venezuela on June 2, 1972, the first son of Mr. Campbell and Sarah Campbell. Brian was born in the state of Carabobo, Municipality of Girardot in the country of Venezuela.

Five (5) months ago, I was updating my Facebook Friends with Carol Ronen in the 48th Democratic Ward for the Edgewater, Rogers Park and Uptown district in Chicago. I added some of Carol Ronen’s Facebook Friends to mine..including Brian Nicholas Campbell who responded by adding my name to his Friends’ Page–and my life has never been the same since March 28, 2016, Carol Ronen’s birthday anniversary. On Wednesday, I reminded Brian Nicholas Campbell to wish Carol Ronen a Happy Birthday! So, Brian and I chatted on Facebook Messenger for the first time that Wednesday afternoon. Then, I wished Brian, “A Wonderful Spring Time In 2016!”

Brian wanted to continue chatting and he tagged my Facebook Messenger with his name linked by icon showing a white car and himself standing by the motor vehicle. Somehow the Messenger connection was interrupted when he asked me, “Are you here to chat?”, wrote Brian Nicholas Campbell.

The following day, Thursday morning, I found Brian’s “Good Morning, Gardenia” on my Facebook Messenger. His Good Morning Greeting merited my response and I replied, “Have A Good Morning, Brian Nicholas Campbell!”

“Thanks for your message and I really wish you a wonderful day too and may the good Lord Bless You. Amen” chatted Brian Nicholas Campbell at 8:35AM

On March 29, 2016, I chatted with Brian in the morning, before I started packing for my round trip to Santiago de Cuba and a Cuban-Chinese Family Reunion with my youngest brother Robert S. Hung.

I did not chat on Facebook Messenger with Brian Nicholas Campbell until I returned from Santiago de Cuba.
Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications