Dr. Santiago Mock, M.D. is a Gynecologist and General Family Doctor who practices Medicine in Cuba and also while he lived in Portuguese-speaking Angola, Africa and trained with Doctors Without Borders around the world from Santiago de Cuba; His Son Dr. Santiago “Chaguín” Mock Jr. is also a Certified Cardiologist and Surgeon, both graduates from the University of Oriente, School of Medicine in Cuba.

Figure 1 (Center) Dr. Santiago Mock Sr. and Wife Ileana Castillo René, Guillermo Mock and His Wife Millie, Aunt Luz “Leing” Hung Mock (Sitting), Daughter Lily Mock, and Newlyweds Santiago “Chaguín” Mock and Bride Ileana during Family Wedding Celebration in Cuba

My Grandfather Santiago’s oldest daughter Luz “Leing” Hung Mock celebrated another birthday anniversary with her first son Guillermo Mock and her grand-daughter Lily Mock in South Miami, Florida, Kendall County during May 19, 2013. Aunt Luz “Leing” married Guillermo Mock, a friend of my Grandfather Santiago Hung from China, in Santiago de Cuba. Aunt Leing and Uncle Guillermo Mock begot three children: Guillermo, Santiago, and Gertrudis Mock.

Figure 2 (Left) Santiago Mock, Maria Rodriguez, Santiago, Olivia, and Miguel Hung-Simons, Gertrudis Mock and Guillermo Mock sitting in front of Mr. Roberto Hung J.D. standing with His Wife and Daughter on August 1959 in Santiago de Cuba

Figure 3 Aunt Luz “Leing” Hung’s Birthday Celebration with Her First Son Guillermo Mock and Grand-Daughter Lily Mock

Figure 4 Aunt Luz “Leing” and Grand-Daughter Lily Mock Celebrate Another Birthday Anniversary in Miami, Florida USA

The second oldest son and the first grandson of my Aunt Luz “Leing” are both also called Santiago, whose namesakes in the Hung family include all the grandsons bearing the Chinese merchant’s name from Santiago de Cuba.

Grand-daughter Lily Mock lives with her Grandmother Luz “Leing” and works for Kendall Toyota, the Japanese auto manufacturing dealer in Miami, Florida, USA.