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June 7, 1931-2014

The historic city of Santiago de Cuba was established in the year 1515 and founded by Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar. The motto of Santiago de Cuba is still in Spanish “Rebelde Ayer. Hospitalaria Hoy. Heroica Siempre.” During the 21st century, Santiago de Cuba commemorates its 500th anniversary as the second largest city of Cuba in the southeastern region of the Caribbean island.

Eighty-three years ago, in the year 1931, the historical population of Santiago de Cuba was estimated to be of 101, 508 inhabitants and residents. On June 7, 1931, Roberto Hung Mustelier was born, the fourth youngest son of Santiago Hung Choi and Gertrudis Salustiana Mustelier in a family home of Santiago de Cuba, near the Military Hospital and General Guillermón Moncada Headquarters, known today as the Ciudad Escolar 26 de Julio. Antoñica, “Ñica”, second sister of Gertrudis Salustiana was a registered nurse at the hospital and witnessed the birth of Roberto, her nephew. Her oldest sister, Eduvigis was a certified teacher and helped her with the older children Luz Leing, Miguel Chung, and Filiberto Yuck while she was giving birth and nursing the fourth baby, Roberto. Mario Mustelier was also around to help the family when Gertrudis and Santiago had their fourth baby son, his nephew.

Eight years afterwards, World War II began on September 1st, 1939 in Europe. Roberto Hung was only eight years old and studying in third grade at the Elementary School, when the Second World War started as a global international war in 1939. His youngest sister Caridad Cei-Chieng had already been born in a Cuban-Chinese family of five (5) children born to Santiago and Gertrudis Salustiana in Santiago de Cuba.

In 1945, WWII ended on September 2, 1945, when Roberto Hung was a 14-year-old beginning as a freshman in High School, planning to attend Law School at the Universidad de Oriente in Santiago de Cuba and the Universidad de La Habana in Cuba, three years later. On Roberto Hung’s seventeenth birthday anniversary, his oldest brother Miguel Chung and sister-in-law Silvia Simons had a new baby daughter named Olivia Hung-Simons, who was born on the same date, June 7th. So, Roberto Hung was asked to become his niece’s godfather upon christening of his brother’s and sister-in-law’s new baby daughter. Olivia Hung-Simons was born on June 7, 1948, after the Second World War ended, during the Baby Boom years.

Since Great Grandmother Antonia and Great Grandfather Juan lived across the Military Hospital with their daughters Eduvigis, Antoñica, Gertrudis Salustiana, and youngest son Mario, their children grew up around military veterans of foreign wars who travelled to Cuba and were treated for military rehabilitation and recovery by Cuban medical staff in Santiago de Cuba.

Today is the Memorial Birthday Anniversary celebrating 83 years for people like Roberto Hung who were born on June 7th and lived through the Second World War when the country of Cuba was among the Allied countries around the world who were involved in WWII.

Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor

Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor

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The Optimized Systems Tour 2012: An Executive Event Sponsored by IBM and InformationWeek
On Tuesday, September 11, 2012, the Westin Yorktown Center in Lombard hosted The Optimized Systems Tour 2012, an Executive Event Sponsored by IBM and Information Week for Information Technology decision-makers and technical managers who work with Oracle and Hewlett-Packard hardware and software solutions, in order to provide state-of-the-art options offered by IBM Power Systems hardware and software for faster performance, reliable service, and efficient business operations. The fourth generation of IBM Power Systems and software has the leading advantage for economic development, growth, and integration of the IT infrastructure, virtualization, and mission data containing critical operational workloads.
InformationWeek Event Moderator Erik Sherman introduced Data Center problems which need smart solutions from information technology, innovation, consolidation, integration, virtualization, deployment, and mobility.
The Keynote Speaker Terry Keene, graduate from Georgia Tech University, is the President and CEO of Integrated Systems from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who presented the IBM Power Advantage in his State of the Data Center Address discussing how “Power is Performance Redefined”, based upon pragmatic and functional terms of service consolidation for integrated solutions with proven high performance, utilization of IBM Power Systems for lower costs of operation, economy of scale, flexibility, virtualization, and reliability.
Dr. John Shedlestsky, VP Competitive Technology Software Solution Division supported how “Virtualization on Power Delivers Superior Economies of Scale” by “Building Workload Optimized Solutions with IBM Power Systems.” Time and Motion Research Studies compared the labor required to manage web facing image models by employees working on real time schedules—e.g. a physical server took 32 hours to upload web images. Asset Management includes labor costs for employee performance compared to reduction of labor by faster IBM Optimized Power Systems. Public Cloud Computing vs. IBM Private Cloud Systems solutions.
IBM IT Randy Rose presented Live Demos from his laptop on “Building a Social Cloud Infrastructure with IBM Power Systems” and displayed “IBM Migration Factory Tools and Resources”. IBM Optimized Power Systems run faster and deliver competitive performance output and gains. Live Demos displayed deployment of mission critical data workloads from IBM DB2 Power Optimized VM to Oracle DB VM2.
The Optimized Systems Tour 2012 sponsored by IBM and InformationWeek discussed:
• How to make mission data critical workloads moved faster
• Deployment of private cloud solutions faster and easier
• Stack-to-stack solution comparisons (IBM vs. Oracle vs. HP)
• How IBM’s Migration Factory Tools and Resources facilitate Migration for 320 competitive systems in Q2 2012 alone to Power Systems with minimal service disruptions.

Source:  IBM, InformationWeek, Integrated Systems

When Paul Rathe, a young urban gay who lived on Roscoe Street near Halsted Street, Boys Town and Lakeview in Chicago, convinced my brother and mother to buy a Lombard home and move to the western suburbs in DuPage County during 1992, he did not tell them that buying Lombard real estate would cause chronic health and medical problems for them, long-term disease, psychiatric problems, violence against women, assault, physical abuse, biomedical and bio-sexual transgendered studies, hospitalizations, traumatic brain injuries, head concussions, tragedy, family death, and abuse of human rights in housing under the law in York Township, Illinois, USA. Paul Rathe introduced my brother and mother to Baird & Warner realtor Paulette Weininger who found a Lombard home for them at 342 West Harrison Street near Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Elizabeth Street, Finley Road and Main Street close to Walgreens, near the DuPage County Crisis Unit, a Medical Group Practice located at 440 South Finley Road and Washington Blvd. in the Village of Lombard, Illinois 60148 USA. Linda Schuster who lived in Westmont was the girlfriend of Paul Rathe who referred my brother and mother to buy a house in Village of Lombard, also known as Lilac Town for the annual Lilac Parade celebration near Main Street in Spring time.
Since Paul Rathe became a housemate with his Pomeranian white dog living with my brother and mother, he also introduced them to other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) friends of his network in the Chicagoland area, while they lived in Lombard and the western suburbs of Illinois, USA.
Paul Rathe also referred other LGBT friends from Boys Town and Halsted Street to my brother and mother in the Village of Lombard to visit the western suburbs of DuPage County for the weekends.
Some of Paul Rathe’s LGBT friends visited my brother and mother at 342 West Harrison Street near Elizabeth and Finley Road by the Lombard Park District.
Other LGBT friends of Paul Rathe were referred to the Lombard home of Mr. Roberto Hung, his daughter, and son-in-law, when all three of them were working during the day, afternoon, and nights, out-of-town, and around the Chicagoland area.

502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, Lombard, Illinois 60148-3028

Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor Purchased Two (2) Lombard Homes With His Family in York Township, DuPage County, Illinois USA

“What Would My Father Say…If He Were Alive Today in June 2012?”
In Memory of Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor
If I were alive today, I would be 81 years old, enjoying retirement as a senior citizen and Lombard resident homeowner in District 5, York Township, County of DuPage, Illinois USA. During June 2012, I would have celebrated my 81st birthday anniversary since June 7, 1931, along with my Niece Olivia Hung-Simons (Leaver) and god-daughter who was born on the same date, the first daughter of my eldest brother Miguel Hung and his wife, Silvia Hung-Simons. My second Niece Mireya Hung Lee is also born on June 30th. When I got married in March 1957, my Nieces Olivia and Gertrudis were the flower girls at my wedding to G. Fong Ramos at the Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba in Oriente, Cuba. All my Brothers, Sisters, Nephews, Family Relatives, Friends, Colleagues, and Associates attended the wedding celebrations and were invited to all family events. In retrospect, time passed by… and my family relatives became adults and I did not attend the weddings for Olivia and Wayne Leaver, Miguel and Pam Hung, Santiago and Ileana, Guillermo and Millie, Mireya, Ileana, Santiago, Joaquin, Teresita, and/or the other family members. All my Nieces and Nephews remember meeting with me when I visited them during travels to Miami, Hialeah in Florida and Queens, Flushing, Long Island, New York, USA. My Sister-in-Law Silvia Hung-Simons did recall how I used to help her with Olivia who was my god-daughter, Miguelito, the second son, and the other two (2) children, Santiago and Raymundo when she lived at the house in Santiago de Cuba, Oriente, Cuba and I was studying at the University of Oriente.
Nineteen (19) years ago, I purchased a second Lombard home at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard upon referral from Baird & Werner Realtor Paulette Weininger who contacted Century 21 Realtor Dino N. Lekousis at the Lombard Pines Shopping Center during August 1993. My wife and son had already purchased the first Lombard home at 342 West Harrison and Elizabeth Street, near Finley Road and the Lombard Park District in DuPage County, Illinois USA. Linda Schuster who lived in Westmont was the girlfriend of Paul Rathe who referred my youngest son and wife to buy a house in Village of Lombard, also known as Lilac Town for the Lilac Parade celebration near Main Street.
My youngest son and wife moved to the Village of Lombard in 1992 urged by the insistence of Paul Rathe, a boyfriend who lived on Roscoe St. near Halsted St. in the Lakeview area, Chicago, Illinois USA. My son’s friends and realtors wanted him to ask me for $10,000 cash in down payment for the Lombard home, coming from my IRA retirement funds and life-savings from working 4-5 jobs during the week and weekends; in addition, I had to provide monthly cash support for my wife and son while they lived in a Lombard home in DuPage County, Illinois USA. One year afterwards, my son and wife insisted that I moved to Lombard with my daughter and son-in-law in order to buy a second home with the remainder of my 401K and IRA retirement savings funds.
The Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard was built in 1927 in Lilac Town, District 5, York Township in DuPage County, Illinois USA.This Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow has remained at the corner of Westmore Avenue and Washington Blvd. since the Ahrens Family built the Lombard property in 1927. Two centuries later, on September 2nd, 1993, I purchased the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow from Debra Y. Sekrecki, with an initial down payment of $2,000, as earnest money paid by personal check, added to the total cash payment of $88,000 at a fixed interest rate not to exceed 8.00% per year, amortized over a period of fifteen (15) years. At the time, Debra Y. Sekrecki had two (2) children, a boy and a girl, lived with Stella, the tenant upstairs, and father Adam Sekrecki.
Three months before, on July 11, 1993, I signed a Standard Residential Sales Contract from the Du Page Association of Realtors in agreement to purchase the Lombard real estate property at 502 S. Westmore Avenue in Lombard, Illinois 60148-3028 , owned by seller Debra Y. Sekrecki. The original closing date was scheduled on September 11, 1993. However, I was called by telephone to appear sooner on September 2nd, 1993, at 3:30 p.m., at the law office of Alan Dakoff, Telephone: 708-966-0488, located at 9291 North Maryland, in Niles, Illinois 60714 , U.S.A. Century 21, Action Real Estate provided a Buyer Service Pledge presented by Steve Block, Telephone: 630-627-5500, and Dino, the real estate agent with Roberto Hung and family, who signed in agreement. Afterwards, I received a copy of Rider 412, Buyer’s Inspection which he signed as buyer with Debra Sekrecki, as seller. In 1993, Century 21, Action Real Estate described in a listing the Highlights of the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow at the corner of Westmore Avenue and Washington Blvd., owned by Debra Y. Sekrecki with tenant Stella. At the time, the Du Page County Real Estate Taxes were only $2,744 for the brick house.
After I purchased the same Lombard Brick House, the Lombard property taxes doubled for more than $4,000, without providing the senior citizens Homestead Exemption. This Lombard Brick Home Parcel Lot is located near Westmore Elementary School and St. Pius X Church School, Jackson Middle School , and Willowbrook High School . George Hornbeck’s Parcel No. 06-09-315038 is a subdivision, spacious 4-bedroom brick home with a second floor in-law or potential income arrangement. There were nine (9) room available with hardwood floors. Full finished basement. Front and rear enclosed porches for added living space. Fully fenced yard with a gas grill. There was a 2-car garage. Public transportation is available. This Lombard home parcel lot is close to school and shopping, near the Eastgate Center and State of Illinois facilities for the Secretary of State Vehicle Licenses Center and the Illinois Employment and Training Center (I.E.T.C.). Action Real Estate for Century 21 was serving Du Page and Cook counties at the Lombard Pines Shopping Center, 1125-J South Main Street, Lombard, Illinois 60148, in care of realtor Dino.
On September 2nd, 1996, I completed full cash payment of the Lombard Brick Home at Maple Park State Bank, witnessed by my daughter, Gardenia C. Hung, and the bank manager.
We improved this Lombard Brick house by adding oak cabinets, an exterior halogen flood night light, (2) automatic garage door openers, changed all door locks, added gardening landscaping, apple trees orchard, and perennial flowers, and exotic plant species. Specifications for the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow: Living Room: 25.4 X 11.10 sq. ft. Dining Room: 13.1 X 13.2 sq. ft. Kitchen: 11.6 X 10.8 sq. ft. Master Bdrm: 11.10 X 10.6 sq. ft. Bedroom: 11.5 X 10.6 sq. ft. Bedroom: 11.3 X 10.0 sq. ft. Bedroom: 15.8 X 10.0 sq. ft. Living Room: 13.10 X 12.2 sq. ft. Kitchen: 15 X 14 sq. ft. Pantry: 6 X 4 sq. ft. Utilities in the Basement. Basement Full Finished. Storage Rooms: 2. Closets: 10

Apple Blossoms at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, Lombard, Illinois USA

Plant Apple Trees on National Arbor Day

Trees are essential in the life of your garden and the sustainable environment. I found that adding Golden and Red Delicious Apple Trees from Stark Bros. Nursery to the yard for the Lombard Brick Bungalow where we lived at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, attracted a wood-pecker, the red cardinals and mates, blue birds, sparrows, and gold finches…along with colorful butterflies, bees, and other natural life in District 5, York Township, for DuPage County, Illinois in the USA.

Apple Blossoms have enhanced the beauty of the Lombard Brick Bungalow and the surroundings with beautiful flowers and a sweet fragrance.

For Sale Lombard Real Estate Property

Yorktown Center meets you at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Butterfield Road in Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois, U.S.A.

Whenever you need to go for a nice, long walk, all around, for exercise, visit The Shops on Butterfield Road at the Yorktown Center with a friend.  Spend time there at leisure, walking through the Shops, looking and window shopping, browsing through the long, spacious corridors, brightened by skylights, sun, and live trees, flowers, and flying birds, indoors…livened by sparkling water fountains, bubbling with energy, all around…
The Yorktown Mall is a nice getaway from daily routine, any time…for a casual shopping experience with friends, walking through open spaces and colonnades.  Explore all the possibilities at The Shops on Butterfield Road in Du Page County.
Imagine all the possibilities” and all the options to explore when you are looking at The Shops in Yorktown Mall, anytime, and especially during the weekend.
There are always savory and sweet surprises, tasty bits to taste at the Plaza Food Court corridor, upper level.  You can start at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, with a variety of samples to please your palate, salty and sweet.  “Sign up on the Auntie Anne’s website to get more free stuff”.  Then walk over to Sarku Japan and savor Teriyaki chicken samples and other Asian specialties.  There are other culinary choices to eat along the same path.  In addition, Burger King is always a friendly place on the other bright and sunny side, by the glass cathedral windows. Panda Express has original Asian cuisine to taste.  Sbarro provides Italian cuisine for warm, savory dishes.  Arby’s offers sandwiches, beverages, and snacks.  Cinnabon has buttery and sweet cinnamon rolls with fresh coffee or tea.  YogenFruz cools you off with frozen yogurt.
After a full round of flavors, Fannie May always has a range of sweet chocolate samplers, from green meltaways to caramel nut candies, and of course, dark chocolate squares, to taste, for free, at the upper level in Yorktown Center, Lombard.
When there is more craving for chocoholics, take the elevator to the lower level and stop by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, to visit the friendly chocolatier.  There is a big, brown bear to greet you at the door and a free chocolate sample waiting for you upon request.  Just ask for it…  You can always have chocolate fudge or coconut caramel candy with nuts.  Or, try the fresh Green Taffy Caramel Apples for a Fall Harvest treat.  These fresh green Granny Smith apples are deliciously dipped in caramel and nuts, right before your eyes.  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory will never let you down for a chocoholic experience at the Yorktown Center.
In addition, Dairy Queen Ice Cream features “Triple Chocolate Utopia”, the “Royal  Treatment”, New Waffle Treats, Fudge Bars, and even a “Brownie Earthquake”…
The Information Center at the lower level provides availability of unexpected services, such as Fax Service at $1 for local calls, $2 for long distance, and $3 for international faxes.  Also, Yorktown Center Gift Certificates can be purchased in denominations of $50 for shopping anywhere at The Shops in the Mall and even for lodging at the Westin Lombard Yorktown, Du Page’s only Four-Star Hotel to find a respite in Lilac Town.
For your convenience, you can rent baby strollers and wheel chairs at no charge with valid identification and driver’s license at the Yorktown Center.
Another favorite pastime at the Mall is the Yorktown Express Train for children and tots.  Everyone tries to make the “All Aboard” Yorktown Express Train in time for the children to get on the train ride express, four times around the Yorktown railroad track, at the lower level, by Carson Pirie and Scott.  The Information Center sells Kids’ Express Train Tickets for $1 each or a six-ride for $5.  Socks must be worn and are also available for $1 a pair, cash only.  The maximum height for riders is 54” inches.  Please do not leave your child unattended.
While people-watching at the Yorktown Center in Lombard, I noticed how everyone enjoys with the children the Tree House Adventure Play area, as the tots slide down and inside the green tube, and others roam through the Treehouse, all around, up and down the stairs, gliding down the slide and fun-making in the Adventure Playground.  Everyone sits and watches the children play in the romper room area, having as much fun and joy being there, as the young do…
For the entertainment of young adults and old, there is now Lucky Strikes Lanes for bowling, AMC 18 Theater, AMC Premium Cinema; other department stores at JC Penney, Marshall’s; Apparel and Specialty selections; Athletic shopping selections; more Specialty Shops; Restaurants; the Plaza Food Courtyard; and much, much more variety and selection.  There are more than three hundred stores at The Shops on Butterfield Road to fit every taste, value, and choice.  Explore all the possibilities at The Shops on Butterfield Road in Yorktown Center, Du Page County, Illinois, USA.

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All Rights Reserved.

On a Winter Solstice evening, during the longest night in December 21, 1996, I had already returned to my Lombard family home from Berlin, Germany after attending an international conference for Language and the Media at the InterContinental Hotel on Alexanderplatz. My Father had arrived home from working at Dominick’s Food Store in Oakbrook Terrace. My Father, Mr. Roberto Hung, wanted to give me his Christmas Gift, a personal check for my Brother and Mother, $100.00 dollars, and also for Nathan S. Wittler and myself four days before Christmas Day in 1996…

The New Year’s Resolution I Have Kept During 2011 is Reflected in My Personal Testimonial Account About My Father, Mr. Roberto Hung, Juris Doctor, Lombard Resident Homeowner, Taxpayer, Father, Husband, Employee at Dominick’s Food Store in Oakbrook Terrace, The Pampered Chef in Addison, Felt-Products Inc. in Skokie, Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes in the Village of Lombard, District 5, York Township, DuPage County, Illinois 60148-3028, in the State of Illinois, United States of America.

A Personal Testimonial Account About Mr. Roberto Hung, Juris Doctor, Lombard Resident Homeowner, Taxpayer, Father, Husband, Employee at Dominick’s Food Store in Oakbrook Terrace, The Pampered Chef in Addison, Felt-Products Inc. in Skokie, Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes in the Village of Lombard, District 5, York Township, DuPage County, Illinois 60148-3028, in the State of Illinois, United States of America.

On Winter Solstice, December 21-22, 1996, I was teaching, translating and interpreting until 9:30 p.m. when I returned to my Lombard home, to find my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung, who had also returned from working at the Dominick’s Food Store in Oakbrook Terrace in the evening. My Father wanted to talk to me about Christmas Gifts for December 1996 when he gave me personal checks for my Brother and Mother, my husband Nathan and myself, including another check for the Lombard Fire Department in the amount of $25.00 donation for the Holiday Fund. Afterwards, Mr. Roberto Hung went upstairs to make his late dinner…

Needless to say, I spent an entire “blue holiday” Christmas Day during 1996 at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital while the neurosurgeon operated on my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung who suffered from a severe traumatic brain injury with an aneurysm after he was hit with a blunt object on the head  by a Lombard intruder unbeknown to my Father upstairs on the second floor, while he was at home eating salmon during dinnertime upstairs on a winter solstice night.  My Father, Mr. Roberto Hung went into a deep comatose state which lasted close to one and a half to two months at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, DuPage County, Illinois.  December 1996 was the saddest “blue holiday”…and two years thereafter, my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung was attacked again during his sleep at Vencor Northlake Hospital by medical staff who killed him while he was asleep in the morning.

Throughout the year 2011, I have kept the New Year’s Resolution to remember my late Father Mr. Roberto Hung who was abused, throttled and murdered at Vencor Northlake Hospital by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar,  around 7 a.m. on June 18, 1998–before Father’s Day.

Criminal Lombard Structural Disaster

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