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In the year 2001, after Robert S. Hung left the Village of Lombard, sold his home on Harrison Street in DuPage County, and moved to Lakeview near Wrigley Baseball Field with his Mother Gardenia Fong Ramos, they settled on Newport Street, two blocks from Clark Street, while he was dating “Jaime”, also known as James “Jim” Wilbrot, from Oak Park, Cook County,Illinois. Fifteen (15) years have passed since he travelled with Jim Wilbrot to Flushing Meadow in Queens, New York for the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. Upon his return, Robert S. Hung lost his regular full-time employment… Then he had a Vasectomy in exchange for $5,000US, and resumed his LGBT lifestyle near Boys’ Town Chicago renouncing to a standard family life with children or any prospects of having any offsprings. “Whatever happened to the Hispanic girlfriend he had before?”–everyone wonders why he never mentions her name. His Mother, Gardenia Fong Ramos is always trying to cover up all his escapades, especially since she is part of his dysfunctional psychiatric plots during his 40s and 50s.

Now in the year 2016, for the Chinese Lunar Year of the Monkey, 4714 Anno Domini, Robert S. Hung is not quite done ruining other people’s lives, disgracing his murdered Father Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor, stealing from his oldest sister, and humiliating his own Mother Gardenia Fong Ramos, in favor of his youngest Aunt Xiomara Fong Ramos in Cuba, who is the intended focus of all his U.S. financial support and the object of his feigned affection, while the latter is repairing and remodeling her old Cuban home in Santiago de Cuba. He wants Xiomara Fong Ramos to keep the secret of his actions and not tell anyone…just between the two of them…by telephone calls and agreement of complicity.

Robert S. Hung is not paying his oldest sister any money for whatever he has been stealing from her own personal and professional
belongings, office equipment, JVC Digital Videos footage taken by John Croft with his Mother Gardenia Fong Ramos, her girlfriends in crime and complicity taking over the Estate of Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor and any and all the proceeds of their Lombard Scam under the pretense that she died on January 12, 2006… However, his Mother is not really dead, she remains in the background taking over her Daughter’s identity and role as the Executive Trustee for the Estate of Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor, without including her daughter nor speaking to her about her undercover actions…after midnight…while working with accomplices such as John Croft, and others who have abused her own Daughter and also the late Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor who was physically injured by acute traumatic brain aneurysm at home on December 21, 1996.

Since Robert S. Hung has been under psychiatric care by Dr. Michael J. Reinstein. M.D. and Dr. Sephali Patel, M.D., from the Norwegian American Hospital on Francisco Street and California Avenue by Humboldt Park on the West side, he never, ever does anything properly done by U.S. civil standard procedure. Instead, Robert S. Hung only calls his youngest Aunt Xiomara Fong Ramos, her Son Pedrito Zayas, and the Uncle Pedro Zayas. The secret is that Robert S. Hung is only sending them U.S. money in higher amounts per month, food via Canada, as well as gifts from the online service called Violeta.

During February 2016, Robert S. Hung is trying to recover from the filthy household and personal belongings which Jim Wilbrot and his Asian cohorts stored somewhere, unbeknownst to others.

Robert S. Hung does not even want to help his own eldest sister who was asked to find him in the Edgewater neighborhood where he lived near Granville Avenue and Kenmore Street near Glenlake St., in the Fall of 2010.

Three (3) years have passed since Robert S. Hung moved to the historic Bryn Mawr District near the 48th Democratic Ward. Now his Asian cohorts are no longer supporting his dysfunctional lifestyle and disability following a violent work-related traumatic head injury caused by a Negro office supervisor near Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Downtown in Chicago.

On April 1st, 2013, Robert S. Hung started stealing for his eldest sister to give his Asian accomplices with John Croft and his Mother Gardenia Fong Ramos, the Daughter’s personal belongings, her Grandmother’s Green Shawl, her Business Dayrunner Agenda book, her Kitchen Utensils, and Business Equipment for Communications, Languages & Culture, Inc.

Robert S. Hung has been begrudgingly eating Yoplait yogurts from Jewel-Osco and squandering money on gilded ceramic elephants from Tan’s Bookstore on Argyle Street near the Red Line Train in Uptown Chicago.

To date, neither Robert S. Hung, John Croft nor his Mother Gardenia Fong Ramos or the Asian accomplices or the girlfriends have assisted nor paid the Daughter of Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor for disgracing them, humiliating, and destroying their personal family lives in Illinois, USA. They do not even talk to the Daughter of Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor nor include her in these proceedings, without her consent and authorization as an Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes in the United States of America.


June 7, 1931-2014

The historic city of Santiago de Cuba was established in the year 1515 and founded by Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar. The motto of Santiago de Cuba is still in Spanish “Rebelde Ayer. Hospitalaria Hoy. Heroica Siempre.” During the 21st century, Santiago de Cuba commemorates its 500th anniversary as the second largest city of Cuba in the southeastern region of the Caribbean island.

Eighty-three years ago, in the year 1931, the historical population of Santiago de Cuba was estimated to be of 101, 508 inhabitants and residents. On June 7, 1931, Roberto Hung Mustelier was born, the fourth youngest son of Santiago Hung Choi and Gertrudis Salustiana Mustelier in a family home of Santiago de Cuba, near the Military Hospital and General Guillermón Moncada Headquarters, known today as the Ciudad Escolar 26 de Julio. Antoñica, “Ñica”, second sister of Gertrudis Salustiana was a registered nurse at the hospital and witnessed the birth of Roberto, her nephew. Her oldest sister, Eduvigis was a certified teacher and helped her with the older children Luz Leing, Miguel Chung, and Filiberto Yuck while she was giving birth and nursing the fourth baby, Roberto. Mario Mustelier was also around to help the family when Gertrudis and Santiago had their fourth baby son, his nephew.

Eight years afterwards, World War II began on September 1st, 1939 in Europe. Roberto Hung was only eight years old and studying in third grade at the Elementary School, when the Second World War started as a global international war in 1939. His youngest sister Caridad Cei-Chieng had already been born in a Cuban-Chinese family of five (5) children born to Santiago and Gertrudis Salustiana in Santiago de Cuba.

In 1945, WWII ended on September 2, 1945, when Roberto Hung was a 14-year-old beginning as a freshman in High School, planning to attend Law School at the Universidad de Oriente in Santiago de Cuba and the Universidad de La Habana in Cuba, three years later. On Roberto Hung’s seventeenth birthday anniversary, his oldest brother Miguel Chung and sister-in-law Silvia Simons had a new baby daughter named Olivia Hung-Simons, who was born on the same date, June 7th. So, Roberto Hung was asked to become his niece’s godfather upon christening of his brother’s and sister-in-law’s new baby daughter. Olivia Hung-Simons was born on June 7, 1948, after the Second World War ended, during the Baby Boom years.

Since Great Grandmother Antonia and Great Grandfather Juan lived across the Military Hospital with their daughters Eduvigis, Antoñica, Gertrudis Salustiana, and youngest son Mario, their children grew up around military veterans of foreign wars who travelled to Cuba and were treated for military rehabilitation and recovery by Cuban medical staff in Santiago de Cuba.

Today is the Memorial Birthday Anniversary celebrating 83 years for people like Roberto Hung who were born on June 7th and lived through the Second World War when the country of Cuba was among the Allied countries around the world who were involved in WWII.

Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor

Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor

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