On the first day of the New Year 2019, raining drizzle and snow flurries brought the cold winter winds and the chill in the air. This New Year 2019 is already full of challenges from unresolved issues not addressed during last year in 2018. I have to recover my personal belongings and property lost at the Broadway Armory Park, after Michael Judd locked the Women’s Fitness Lockers Room and took the keys home during November 17, 2017. I still did not receive any Lombard Homeowner’s Compensation Payment Restitution and Settlement as an Illinois Homeowner Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in District 5 York Township Du Page County Illinois USA.

New Year’s Resolutions in 2019 have to follow up on my family’s actions since I last saw them during April 2016 and for the last fifty (50) years.

Why don’t family members talk to me, meet me, contact me, write to me, communicate with me? Since family members and relatives do not talk to me, I have been left displaced, homeless, alienated, abused, and estranged in Chicago, after I was a Lombard resident homeowner in District 5 York Township Du Page County Illinois USA during 25 years. When I ask to see my family members, people do not respond nor help me to meet them, talk to them, or reunite with my family members, relatives, and associates.

My Mother Gardenia Fong Ramos has not talked to me since January 12, 2006… for the last thirteen (13) years since I helped her under the care of the psychiatrist Dr. McKenna and the social worker Tillary at the Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago’s Lake View neighborhood. During the Thanksgiving holiday in 2005, Gardenia Fong Ramos was discharged from the Illinois Masonic Medical Center without any psychiatric medication to be followed up with Dr. Patel, a psychiatrist who did not arrange to see her until the following year in 2006. After Gardenia Fong Ramos stabbed herself on January 12, 2006, Dr. Thomas M.D. and the Lombard Fire Department Paramedics transported her to the Emergency Ambulance and drove her away without telling me where she was hospitalized under Intensive Care in DuPage County, York Township Illinois USA. I have not seen my Mother Gardenia Fong Ramos for the last thirteen (13) years…

After Robert S. Hung moved near Wrigley Field in the Lake View neighborhood, he stopped communicating with me and I started losing my Lombard home, household belongings, business equipment, resources, and personal fashion clothing, lifestyle cosmetics, Vitamins, Walgreens health supplements, personal and business assets acquired since I have been working in Chicago Illinois USA. Then, Robert Santiago Hung Fong moved to Elmwood Park. Afterwards, he moved around Chicago again…

During 2010, I was able to contact him while I was volunteering for the Parkview Community Church, Pastor Ray Kolbacher and Mike McCann in Glen Ellyn. One of the pastors helped me to find Robert Santiago Hung Fong while he was in Chicago around his Irish-American friend John Croft, Paul Tong, Jim Wiltshire, Timothy Tromasina, Jim Wilbrot, etc.

I found him in the Edgewater community at The Marquis building managed by Hunter Properties Realtors on Kenmore Avenue near Kindred Hospital by Granville Avenue and Sheridan Road. Afterwards, Robert Santiago Hung Fong moved to 1060 West Hollywood Apartment 313, Chicago IL 60660 where I helped him to move on April 1st during the year 2013 and lived there for three (3) years before he visited his Aunt Xiomara Fong Ramos and her husband Pedro Zayas Guerrero with his son Pedrito Zayas Fong, his wife Xiomara Rojas and Daughter Eliannie and Rafael Alejandro during April 1st-29, 2016. I have lost all of my Lombard winter clothing, personal belongings, photography cameras, JVC CyberCamera, Digital Videos in a black case, my personal documents, which Robert Santiago Hung Fong has not returned to me since April 29, 2016 when he left me on the streets of Edgewater in displacement, homeless, without lodging, food or money near Loyola University Lake Shore Campus by Rogers Park in Chicago Illinois USA.

My estranged Nathan Scott Wittler Patriquin has not communicated with me after he left the Village of Lombard during 2001 with his brother-in-law Jon Eruren who was married to his youngest sister Heather and begat their only daughter Brianna Eruren Wittler. Since Nathan Scott Wittler was involved in a car accident with other passengers while driving in West Dummerston Vermont, he has not been in contact with me for the last eighteen (18) years.

During the New Year 2019, my family members, relatives and associates have to talk to me, communicate, and meet me in person to resolve family issues, and reconcile the differences created by distance when family members and relatives do not talk or meet over the years while they live in Chicago Illinois USA.