Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for …OS family‎: ‎Unix-like

Latest release‎: ‎8.0.0 “Oreo”‎ / August 21, 2017; 3 days ago

Developer‎: ‎Google‎; ‎Open Handset Alliance

Platforms‎: ‎32-‎ and ‎64-bit‎ ‎ARM‎, ‎x86‎, ‎x86-64‎, ‎MIPS and MIPS64

Alcatel is powered by Android 6.0

The robots.txt file for my cellular mobile phone is getting smarter than it looks… Last Saturday, the Android woke up in a different time zone suddenly after it shut off overnight… Early morning on Saturday, the Android was on a PM mode for night time, instead of 6AM. One hour later, the Android was in another time zone registering 7PM, instead of 7:00 o’clock in the morning. Android was running on a different network independently and refused to connect to the local Wi-Fi available in the morning. I spent two (2) hours figuring out why the Android was in a “twilight zone” on Saturday morning. I could not even use the phone. It shut off by itself. The Android reset itself and refused to make any phone calls. It does not want to work at all, while it is updating its software operating system.

Nowadays, the Android is getting smarter from 4G to 6G. It has a mind of its own… Sometimes, the Android has to be reset to follow the user’s directions, instead of its own… Hey, I did not ask the Android to start dialing phone numbers, I did not touch dial!

Why is the Android in another time zone? The network must have been disconnected, while the Android was shut off overnight.

Sometimes, the Android replaces the users text by another unrelated word, at random, and changes the meaning intended by the user completely. That is not good.

Other times, the humans behind the Android do tamper with data settings and files in the user’s mobile cellular telephone Android account.

Why is my Contacts file middle initial changed by a human?

Who is misspelling tag words in the Photos Gallery?

Android can be wiretapped, intercepted, and controlled also by external mobile cyber devices. Why did the Android freeze on the screen mode? Start wondering why the Android is monitored by Global Positioning Systems (GPS) via satellites for location.

Not everyone wants to have a Smart Phone! Some people do not want the Android mobile cellular phone to be smarter than they are… Nor do they want to be tracked down by the Android or any other digital devices.

The Android Smart Phone has come of age from 3G to 4G to 6G and 8G plus… as time goes by the 21st century.

Faster, Smarter, More Diligent Android Devices Use High Technology Broadband Cable Networks Requiring Infrastructure Renewal of the Old Cable Wiring Systems Existing From The 1900’s.

Android by any other name is simply an automated mechanical robot.

Gardenia C. Hung