On Sunday, the Parkview Community Church in Glen Ellyn does not seem so far away in DuPage County, Illinois. The Bible preacher Mike McDuffy may well be teaching Bible Study on Sundays; while Pastor Ray is still singing the Lord’s praises at the Parkview Community Church in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. In the year 2010, seven (7) years ago, I asked Mike, the Bible preacher to help me find my family, my Mother who had left me behind, and my youngest brother, who had moved to Chicago. I gave him my cellular telephone number then, 630-201-9055 with U.S. Cellular–which has been disconnected now since U.S. Cellular closed stores down in Chicago. The Bible Preacher did help me connect to my immediate family because some days afterwards, I got a mobile phone call from my youngest brother living in Chicago.

Seven (7) years ago, I commuted by the Metra West Line and Pace Suburban buses from the western suburbs in DuPage county to the urban metropolis surrounding Edgewater and Rogers Park by Lake Michigan using the CTA Red Line, Green Line, and the city buses on Broadway and Sheridan Road, northbound.

Both my Mother and youngest brother relocated by Loyola University Lake Shore Campus by the Edgewater community, around Lake Michigan in Illinois, USA.

My youngest brother arranged for me to meet him at McDonald’s near Granville and Broadway for lunch. He lived two (2) blocks away on Kenmore Avenue near Granville.

I was living in Villa Park, leasing an apartment in the Alex King Construction building on St. Charles Road and Harvard Avenue, near the Harvard Evangelical Free Church in Villa Park, Illinois. The suburban commute on the Pace Bus #313 or the Metra took more than 2.5 hours on public transportation.

Looking back now time has flown in seven (7) years. Time travel is moving faster as the years pass on, too fast, too quickly, too soon…

Now, I have been living seven (7) years in the Edgewater community, 48th Ward in Cook County, Illinois USA.

My youngest brother’s sports volleyball friends and team volleyball players around the Broadway Armory Park played a Volleyball League with the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association (CMSA) which relocated him to the Edgewater community.

Since I met with my youngest brother in the Edgewater neighborhood, I have lost my Lombard home and real estate property assets and business equipment, electronics, gourmet cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, fashion clothing, computer-aided sewing machines, fitness exercise treadmills, photography cameras, digital video cybercamera etc. I have not been compensated for Lombard Criminal Disaster Roofing Water Damages and Losses. Where are the Compensation Cash Checks for Restoration, Restitution, and Recovery for me, Gardenia C. Hung-Wittler?

My new mobile cellular telephone number is 630-290-5445. Call to meet me in person to discuss the Lombard court settlement, cash compensation, restoration, restitution, and recovery for Gardenia C. Hung (Wittler) and the Company Communications Languages & Culture Inc. and the Estate of Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor & Family.

Gardenia C. Hung