Stars and Stripes Shine Bright at Dunkin’ Donuts, Day and Night, 24/7, on Broadway, near Devon and Sheridan Road by Lake Michigan.#mydunkin

On the Fourth of July, Dunkin’ Donuts has fresh brewed Espresso early morning, when one gets the first cup of coffee, “like a morning kiss”. Dunkin’ Donuts makes the first morning call with a good cup of coffee and a toast to America for friends and lovers, on a wonderful Independence Day, July 2017. #mydunkin

America runs on Dunkin”. Drive-Thru 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and taste the difference when you have the best fresh roasted, brewed Espresso coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts.#mydunkin

On Independence Day, Dunkin’ Donuts is open for a coffee break and sweet donuts to brighten everyone’s national holiday celebration during a “pause café”. Assorted donuts, bagels, cookies, sandwiches, breakfast wraps are also available upon request from the cashier and attendants. Ask and order your favorite flavors to accompany your acquired taste for coffee.#mydunkin

The world of coffee is not wide nor wide enough. There are also summer fruit-flavored iced teas brewed at Dunkin’ Donuts and available for tea lovers, sandwiches, chips, etc.#mydunkin

Whether one drinks coffee as a time-honored practice in the past, present, future, or prefers organic herbal tea, sandwiches, Wake-Up with Bacon, Ham, Sausage,Turkey, Wraps, Hash Browns, Bagels, Panini, etc., Dunkin’ Donuts has your choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner.#mydunkin

America does run on Dunkin’
Donuts, 24/7! Celebrate July 4th with Dunkin’ Donuts festive red, white, blue colors on Independence Tuesday. #mydunkin

Gardenia C. Hung