From: “Gardenia C. Hung” <ghungma>
Date: Jul 2, 2017 6:55 AM
Subject: A Family Time On Sundays

Ever since I can remember my childhood, there was a family time on Sundays, set by my Grandfather and Grandmother, as well as my great great grandfather and grandmother before my growing years in the family. My immediate and extended family all gathered on the weekends during Family Time–including adults, the old and the young children, babies, youth, and even the adopted children were included during Family Time.

Nowadays, my 79-year-old-Mother, her youngest son Robert S. Hung, my estranged spouse Nathan Scott Patriquin and others, friends or not, do not honor my Family Time with them on Sundays; even when I used to entertain some of them at home, cook for them, feed them; and even drive them to other places to take them home safely.

Why am I not allowed to see or talk to my relatives during my Family Time on Sundays? There is not even a phone call for me to talk to my family nor even an email or a written note nor an invitation for me to visit them.

Gardenia C. Hung