On July 1st, the word for a Super Summer comes to mind… It is extraordinary that half of the year 2017 is already gone… Is it Christmas in July, for some people? Yes, others celebrate the whole month of July having planned for a super summer in 2017. Outdoor fireworks displays and indoor cooling centers are part of the plan. Choose your own.

Canada Day starts off on the first of the month with a national holiday for our northern neighbors, following Roberts Point in British Columbia for the border between the United States of America and Canada.

Two days after, the USA nation begins festivities for the American Independence Day on the Fourth of July, an American holiday for everyone in this nation. Booming, razzle dazzling fireworks, outdoor music concerts, parades, patriotic and historic celebrations at the Chicago History Museum beginning at 10AM on Clark Street and North Avenue, in Lincoln Park.

On July 14th, Bastille Day, France and francophones around the world unanimously uphold the motto for Freedom, Equality, and Fraternity–in French, let’s just say that it is about supporting and defending “Liberté”, ” Egalité”, “Fraternité”. The Lycée Français à Chicago is eager to host Bastille Day in the year 2017.

Birthdays in July take place throughout the sultry, hot, seventh month. More reason to celebrate on the President’s date of birth.

The Taste of Chicago kicks off in July also with the epicurean taste for exotic food at Grant Park, simultaneously with Senior Day participation at Millennium Park Senior Pavilion on Thursday, July 6th.

The secrets of Super Aging gracefully are unraveled by the Edgewater Village in Chicago. Loyola University is discussing out loud how today’s seniors are learning how to become Super Seniors taught by the Loyola Community Nursing Center every Thursday in July from 12:30PM to 1:30PM. The aging process is the basis for a longitudinal study in gerontology inspired by Mather LifeWays at St. Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Church and the Edgewater Presbyterian Church in the historic Bryn Mawr district.

“What’s Your Story?” Everyone is ready to hear from you on Thursday, July 6th, 6PM to 7PM. Renowned author and story teller Carol LaChapelle welcomes your story in her circle of community voices.

Perhaps, it is more about individuals Acting out a plot as theatre performers do during a Thespian exercise in stage representation and interpretation of character roles in a monologue.

Or is it rather a matter of embarking on a local wildlife safari, on a hot, sultry summer day in July, at the Brookfield Zoo in Maywood, also known as the urban jungle of the West Side story, hosted by the 24th District Police Sergeant Sisk. Be ready for a long walking trek, not for the faint hearted nor the disabled. Pack your lunch box and be prepared to brave the urban jungle wildlife at the Brookfield Zoo. It is a July Lottery Raffle only for 40 people on a chartered bus. Do not come all at once.

The Greek Fest at St. Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Church takes place on July 8-9, 2017 on Sheridan Road and Hollywood.

How about a July Cookout Luncheon hosted by Mather Lifeways for All American hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, entrées, salad, beverages, dessert, etc.?

Even the lonely celebrate a hot, sultry summer in July 2017, in the Edgewater community by Lake Michigan.

Staycations are here to stay on the first day of July 2017. Some people would rather “not go.” While others prefer to get away and fly out of the Windy City at the beginning of the sultry summer heat, on the first day of July 2017.

Gardenia C. Hung