Digital Directions Via Satellite Out Loud For Commuters by Gardenia C. Hung

This morning I was commuting with a friend en route to the West Loop in Chicago by car, when I noticed that digital directions via satellite are provided by mobile cellular telephone—sometimes the phone itself voices digital directions out loud. Other times, new motor vehicles are equipped with digital satellite global positioning systems which give directions out loud to the driver. State-of-the-art digital computer devices and robotic global positioning systems can guide the user using human voice prompts to simulate guidance for the driver. Some people find comfort in listening to the voices of a digitized human female or male on the mobile cellular phones or motor vehicles nowadays. I wonder why my driver friend did not use the human voice prompts for digital directions from her mobile cellular phone?

By comparison, twenty (20) years ago, the best way to get around town was to buy a Rand McNally Six County Map Atlas for the Chicagoland area, in order to get out and about across towns in Illinois. In fact, the Rand McNally Six County Map Atlas is usually updated over the years, while the Illinois highways and roads are added, improved, and constructed for commuters here, out-of-state, and around the world. On a regular basis, the State of Illinois prints new maps for drivers and commuters to guide them around and across towns in the Land of Lincoln.

“I wonder, Where all my vintage Rand McNally Six County Map Atlases and collectible AAA Motor Club Maps are now? While I was a AAA Motor Club member and a Shell Oil Motor Club driver, I used to request driving map routes to travel out-of-state for scenic routes, when I was driving the Nissan 200SX Sports car which Nathan Scott Wittler and I purchased at the Midtown Nissan dealer on Irving Road, near Six Corners in Chicago. Nowadays, a digital mobile cellular device will provide all route directions via satellite upon request, even at loud with digital human voice prompts. Amazing how digital satellite global positioning systems have changed how drivers and users commute here, there, and everywhere.

Another convenience for drivers is the Traffic Nearby App on the mobile cellular phone to advise commuter of the rush hour traffic jams ahead of time, before the driver is in the midst of the speeding cars along Lake Shore Drive, for instance, or on Congress Parkway, or on the Eisenhower Expressway during the morning commute.

Digital Location via Satellite Global Positioning Systems is a sign of the times in the 21st century and the future of our next generation using mobile devices and robotic voice prompts simulating human guidance upon request. Zeitgeist!

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications