My Classical Guitar is a beautiful Spanish instrument which I learned to love early as a young woman in a Catholic school on the northwest side of Chicago. My Father was kind and thoughtful to enroll me in private Guitar lessons by a young Catholic woman who lived near Madonna High School–since the secondary school my Mother had chosen for me did not teach Guitar nor did it offer a Guitar Music Program, just the Guitar Club moderated by the Franciscan sister Diane Marie. I began to play guitar with the Guitar Club during Catholic Mass and high school programs at Madonna High School.

My Father was diligent and mindful to drive me to private guitar lessons by a young Catholic woman who lived near my high school. He paid for my guitar lessons and bought me a very good Classical Spanish guitar for me to continue studying and practicing Spanish guitar music during my college years in the Music Department at Northeastern Illinois University where I studied and practiced Voice and learned to dance during my performing arts program there.

Thanks to my Father, I learned to love and enjoy good Classical guitar music, opera, and classical dance.

I hope that I can still use and play my Classical Spanish Guitar now, while my Mother has been keeping it for me, in the Edgewater community where she lives today by Lake Michigan, in Chicago, Illinois USA.
Gardenia C. Hung