Spring rain storms and flooding viaducts have brought swarming mosquitoes along the lakefront beaches and parks by Lake Michigan. Walking outdoors can be hazardous when mosquitoes hover around you and target defenseless joggers, hikers, and strollers along the lakefront trails.

Do not be surprised when a host of mosquitoes envelop you while walking by Lake Michigan. Unsuspecting pedestrians can be easy prey for mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects along the park district walking paths this summer.

Be prepared to use and spray insect repellent before walking outdoors or even indoors for protection against swarming mosquitoes and other insects.

Mosquitoes are vectors ready to find humans and animals to bite and spread diseases caused by viruses. Beware of mosquito bites on your skin. Apply skin lotion immediately to prevent a rash or irritation upon scratching for relief after a mosquito or another insect stings you.

Indoor mosquitoes flying inside the premises and facilities are a nuisance and a threat to a good, healthy environment.

Fumigation and extermination by mosquito repellent is a requirement to prevent the spread of disease by mosquito infestation.

More aggressive mosquito abatement measures must be enforced by the City of Chicago to prevent the spread of the mosquito population along the lakefront and in the Edgewater community by Lake Michigan in Illinois, USA.