As people get older, some begin to remove themselves from human company and choose pet animals for companionship, instead of persons. Elders prefer to keep a bird in a cage, a cat wandering around them, or a dog mascot to feed, walk, watch, and train for company at home–any animal can replace human company and require more care and expense than another being.

Some people would rather provide housing for a pet animal mascot than a human being. They prefer to have a bedroom for the birds, the cats, the dogs, rather than invite a human being to stay with them at home, in their apartment, condominium or house. Have you ever seen any astray cats, dogs or pets loose on Broadway in the Edgewater neighborhood or in Rogers Park by Lake Michigan?

Nowadays, pet owners take better care of their mascots than of their human friends. Some prefer to be with their domestic pet, instead of a significant other. Have animal mascots replaced women and children first?

The time has come when… a Pomeranian dog replaces a Nanny to watch over a young child during his play time.

Or is the seeing guide dog for the blind which replaces any significant other or an estranged spouse?

Even a pet animal can be a substitute for a friend, male or a female.

However, mascots are not human nor will domestic pets ever speak like one.