Mental Health Awareness Month on Mother’s Day in May 2017

Gardenia C. Hung·Saturday, May 10, 2014

During the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month is a very important issue for all Americans, especially in the Midwestern state of Illinois for Mother’s Day. Eleven (11) years ago, my Mother committed suicide by stabbing herself with a brand new, large stainless steel kitchen knife which the bank TCF at Jewel-Osco had given her as a gift for opening a brand new bank account on Main Street, in the Village of Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois USA. When I returned home in the afternoon from the Harold Washington Public Library, I found my Mother face down on the second floor bedroom of our Lombard home. After I turned her to face me, I found the long kitchen knife stuck in her upper abdomen. Quickly I pulled out the knife, and called “911” for the Lombard Fire Department Paramedics and Dr. Thomas who arrived to help my Mother who was still unconscious with a beating pulse. The Lombard Fire Department removed my Mother and I have not seen her again for the last eleven (11) years, after she was staying with me at our Lombard home in Du Page County, Illinois.

Prior to the suicidal attempt, my Mother had been hospitalized in the Psychiatric Ward of the Advocate Masonic Medical Center in care of Dr. McKenna and social worker Tilary who discharged her for Thanksgiving, without providing for her the prescribed medications for her mental health condition. My Mother was forcefully committed to psychiatric care at the Masonic Medical Center in the Lakeview neighborhood by Jim Wilbrot and his friends, after they took her widow’s Social Security Disability cash funds for more than $800 which she had in her purse, while visiting in Oak Park, Illinois.

The Lombard Police Department, Renaldo, told me to find my Mother at the Du Page County Coroner’s Office on County Farm Road in Wheaton, Illinois. When I got to the Du Page County Morgue, the Deputy Coroner told me that “THERE WAS NO BODY” in the Morgue drawer for my Mother. Afterwards, the Du Page County Clerk Gary King, mailed me a Death Certificate for my Mother—but I never found the body nor did they invite me to the funeral in Du Page County, Illinois.

Eleven (11) years have passed and I know that Mental Health caused problems for my Mother after she moved to Lilac Town in 1992. My Mother relocated to a Lombard home near Sunset Knolls Park and the Lombard Mental Health Crisis Intervention Center on Finley Road near Washington Boulevard in Lilac Town.

My Mother had been previously treated with “Lithium” by Dr. Eduardo Machado at Illinois Masonic Medical Center and Mercy Hospital in Aurora, Illinois, even when Lithium is known to cause blood poisoning and kill patients during the course of medical treatment. Later, Dr. Machado referred my Mother to Chicago Read Health Center where she was abused as a psychiatric patient by another patient on the ward. The Chicago Social Worker Mrs. Gardas who worked for the Illinois Department of Human Services has been following up on my Mother’s extraordinary Mental Health experience as a psychiatric patient in Illinois, USA.
My Mother’s Mental Health issues developed during 1978, after she was abused by a Puerto Rican co-worker, while she worked as an employee at Felt-Products Inc., auto gasket manufacturing plant also known as Federal Mogul where my Father worked for 22 years in Skokie, Cook County, Illinois.

Several years have passed during my Mother’s Mental Health experience for me and my family, after she travelled to Harrison and Union City, New Jersey where her second brother and other Cuban-American friends remember her life in Santiago de Cuba, and Cuba.
Mental Health Awareness Month for Suicidal People in May becomes an essential issue for me as the eldest daughter in my family, especially when the Illinois Psychiatric Association does not allow me to see or meet my Mother who surprisingly is still alive—re-organizing her life as a Loyola University Alumni and a professional senior citizen under psychiatric mental health supervision in the State of Illinois, USA.

Du Page County Clerk Gary King and Elmhurst Memorial Medical Center never contacted me to inform me that my Mother was transferred to a Chicago North Shore facility near Loyola University Lake Shore Campus for Rehabilitation and Medical Treatment unbeknown to me, her eldest daughter who was abandoned as a Lombard resident homeowner in the Lilac Town, presuming that my Mother was “dead”—when she was really “unconscious” from a self-inflicted knife wound on the second floor of our Lombard home, 6 years ago.

Many psychiatric people in Chicago, Illinois survived Mental Health issues and resume their lives under the care of psychiatrists, mental health counselors, therapists, social workers, and many other mental health staff. <p>Can you imagine how Mental Health Awareness has affected and distressed my life as the eldest daughter in my family, “presuming my Mother committed suicide” when she is really alive as a senior citizen resuming her second life with other people around her, without her immediate family?

Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor, Gardenia Fong Ramos Ph.D., University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications