Today is Monday, 17 April 2017. Since I returned from Santiago de Cuba on April 29, 2016, my youngest brother Robert S. Hung Fong and his Aunt Xiomara Fong Ramos married to Pedro Zayas Guerrero, they have all been denying me lodging accommodations or a place to live at the Hollywood Condominiums, 1060 West Hollywood, at the corner of Winthrop St. in Chicago, in the Edgewater neighborhood where I have lived for the last six (6) years. Since Robert S. Hung has been residing o…n Thorndale St. near Winthrop Avenue across from Swift Elementary School, with my Mother Gardenia Fong Ramos, his friend John Croft, and others, I am not invited nor allowed to visit them or stay with them overnight, nor at anytime for lodging accommodations, a bedroom, bathroom facilities and kitchen amenities–even when there are rental and leasing rooms available in the building and surrounding facilities. Where do I get lodging accommodations, a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen amenities overnight when my Mother, youngest brother, his boyfriends, and staff have available rooms, but do not offer me the human comforts and Christian lodging that others have?
Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications