“En el año 2006, el Presidente de Cuba, Fidel Castro Ruz se retiró de la presidencia para recuperarse de la cirugía gastro-intestinal interna por padecimiento de salud”.

In August 2006, his younger brother Raúl Castro Ruz became Cuba’s acting President and replaced his older brother Fidel Castro Ruz during his chronic illness.

Fidel was optmistic after he underwent surgery due to colon cancer developed during his years smoking tobacco which forced him to step aside from politics and government, in order to retire as Cuban president, the first week of August before his birthday on August 13th, 2006. After gastro-intestinal surgery, Fidel’s health improved, but he stressed that health risks still remained for him.

At this time, Fidel Castro Ruz made a statement in the Communist Youth newspaper, Juventud Rebelde, “I ask you all to be optmistic, and at the same time to be ready to face any adverse news.”

On his 80th Anniversary, Juventud Rebelde y Estudios Revolución pubished four (4) photographs of Fidel Castro Ruz , wearing a red, white and blue Adidas sports athletic warm-up jacket–the colors of the Cuban flag. Fidel was shown talking and holding Saturday’s newspaper pubished as an homage tribute to him.

Estudios Revolución, is part of a division providing Castro’s personal support group that collects historic documents and images. Fidel published real images of himself during his recovery on his 80th Birthday, August 13th, 2006, as living proof that Fidel was alive and getting around his surroundings.