Today is the first day of January in the New Year, two thousand seventeen (2017) Anno Domini. Whole Foods Market in Edgewater opens from 10AM to 6PM.

Around 10:30 AM this Sunday morning, a tall white man walked past my table by the windows corridor and broke his Soapstone bracelet with beads from Upstate New York. I saw him walk past me, while I was ready to warm up half of my New Year’s Eve Fried Chicken Breast which I had saved for brunch on New Year’s Day.

To my surprise, the tall white from Upstate New York began to look at my table and handbags, duffel bags, and knapsacks, frantically, as well as the marble concrete floor at Whole Foods Market. To his despair, all the Soapstone beads from his wrist bracelet scattered haphazardly and madly across the floor, every which way to go on New Year’s Day!

I walked up to the tall white New Yorker and said, "What is the matter?"

He replied, "I just broke my bracelet and the beads scattered all over the floor".

Oh, I said, looking carefully down on the floor by my table and chair. "Here’s one. I found it for you." As I handed the white tall New Yorker a Soapstone bead perforated for a wrist bracelet.

The tall white New Yorker was accompanied by a red headed young man who was also looking for the Soapstone beads on the floor. The red headed white man told me that his New Yorker friend was missing five (5) beads.

Both white men thought that some beads went under my table and handbags…. I said, well, your bracelet beads may have scattered closer to you and your table.

So, the red headed white man found another bead across the corridor and under the table counter by the windows.

Then, he decided to sweep the floor hoping to find more beads for his New York friend. In spite of his efforts, no other beads showed up in the sweeping debris and dust stone.

I asked that tall white man where he had bought his wrist bracelet. He replied, “From Upstate New York.” Then, both men walked away and left the Whole Foods Market store in Edgewater, Chicago.

However, I did not give up looking for those Soapstone beads missing from the tall white man’s bracelet. While walking carefully, I stood across from his table and looked under the table counter and found another bead.

Then while I sat down to think about such a strange incident on New Year’s Day at the Whole Foods Market in Edgewater, I noticed that a Soapstone bead rolled under my table, by my foot… Only God Knows Why!

I found the remaining two beads for the tall Upstate New York man, which completed his missing set of five. I hope that both men return to the Whole Foods Market in Edgewater to recover the two Soapstone beads and restore the wrist bracelet to its completion. Happy New Year 2017 At The Whole Foods Market in Edgewater!

Whole Foods Market Edgewater, 6009 N. Broadway, Chicago

Gardenia C. Hung

Consulting Social Media Arts Communications