This Wednesday afternoon, frozen rain in the form of large balls of "hail" began to fall, pelt pedestrians, and disrupt the commuter rush hour around 4:30PM. Suddenly, the winds began to blow "hail" and rain showers around Broadway, while the trees were blown in the windstorm. While I was waiting for the thunderstorm to subside by the Edgewater Public Library, tornado winds began to blow "hail" and rain showers all around the commuter rush hour by 5PM. I got soaked in the rain showers and "hail" balls began to melt as soon as these touched the ground and the rain puddles all around us, a few people who had left the Edgewater Public Library and stood outside, getting drenched in the rainstorm. I was soaked through my rain coat and my gym shoes absorbed all the rain water through my two (2) pairs of black socks. My blue jeans were all wet at the bottom. I felt the rain dampness and the moisture soak my three (3) layers of clothing I was wearing. Even the Whole Foods paper bags began to disintegrate and fall apart at the handles. Everything is still soaking wet and I am freezing outside in the Edgewater neighborhood, near Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois USA. Heavy rain showers continue to fall in the Edgewater neighborhood, by Lake Michigan.
Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications