At a quarter to 1:00 o’clock, past midnight, I woke up suddenly on Sunday twilight time, when your thoughts come to mind… The third week in September has been really amazing! Though I am not sleep walking or in a zombie mood, I did get up for a long and winding walk to wake up at twilight time with you in mind. Early morning walks clear your mind when you are not dreaming in Cuban. Since my head cold and congestion are clearing up, I am feeling better and well enough to follow up on weekly activities.

This week started with a good and positive mood. I started practicing Hatha Yoga again since I began for the first time at the Irving Park YMCA, while I was in college at Northeastern Illinois University. The Broadway Armory Park is offering Yoga once a week for one hour to allow the participants to unwind, stretch out strained muscles, soothe neck and shoulders, relax tight tendons, and become more coordinated from head to toe, working out every part of the body. I am glad that I chose to participate in the Fitness Program at the Broadway Armory Park this new season.

In addition, I have registered for the Zumba Fitness program which meets twice a week on Wednesday and Friday.

Then on Thursday, there is the practice and training for Tai Chi, presented by the same instructor, trainer, and teacher.

Since I have started this Fitness Program, my body is still complaining about aches and pains, but…Yoga, Zumba, and Tai Chi ought to help with the muscle soreness, the stiffness, and the upper back ache during the whole week.

An angel offered to get me a bottle of water from Whole Foods Market, thinking that dehydration is not a good thing for me, outdoors. Thanks!

I had a good cup of hot tea on Friday evening, courtesy of Patio Beef and Friends. Thank You!

Another person named Sheila, an Art High School Teacher, was sympathetic enough to talk to me while I was waiting outside.

By Friday evening, September 16, 2016, I was already worn out from the weekly fitness program and I slept early.

I must have been dreaming in Mexican because I woke up after midnight thinking about Mexican food like a Half Fried Chicken Wrap and Spicy Hot Calamari with a Dipping Sauce, but I did not get any Sweet Mexican Dessert like I always have at That Little Mexican Restaurant. Surprisingly, the Half Fried Chicken Wrap with Guacamole and Lettuce was certainly spicy hot with Jalapeno chile in my “waking up Mexican dream”. Since I started on my dreaming Mexican appetizer with the Spicy Hot Fried Calamari, the chili pepper woke me up faster than I thought. So, I went for a long walk to clear my mind, when your thoughts do not explain why you took the sweet pastry and there was no Mexican dessert in my waking up dream. Amazingly, I always have a Mexican sweet dessert like Flan or Sopapillas or Dulce de Leche, etc. However, in my Mexican waking up dream, there is nothing sweet for me ever…

Saturday was a wonderful day at the Edgewater Farmer’s Market by the Broadway Armory Park.

On Sunday morning, your thoughts always come to mind at twilight and then, I wait for 5:00 o’clock when the McDonald’s manager opens the door… Today, she took forever to get me a cup of real hot tea with honey to soothe my dry throat. I am still sipping hot tea with honey at the Whole Foods Market on WorldWide Instameet Day, September 18, 2016.

Sunday is always a good blessed day to thank God for his kindness, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, and humanity against the cruelty and inhumanity of others when they do not want to talk to me, meet me, or invite me to their home.

Then, there is more for me to think about when your thoughts come to mind on Sunday, during the whole day of reflection, meditation, and contemplation about people who are aware of my situation and choose to disregard me on purpose and ignore my statements, while pretending that they are really concerned about me.

God always watches over me in any religion, form or belief or disbelief about man’s inhumanity to mankind or womankind.

Gardenia C. Hung, M.A., B.A.
Consulting Social Media Arts Communications